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End Colonial Rule and Occupation at www.moor4igws.org Moors were, and are, the aboriginal and indigenous inhabitants of the North, Central, South America, Mexico, Canada and all of the adjoining islands. The ancient Moorish empire extends from Africa & Europe to the America's. Africa is the modern name for Amexem. The Roman Inquisitionists stripped Moors of their noble titles and branded them with labels, such as, negro, black, colored, afro-american, african-american, indian, jamaican, puerto rican, mexican, latino, hispanic, etc. which are product labels as in commodities for profit. Unity and Peace are the keys to reclaiming our stolen birthrights from escheating Albion European occupiers of the Americas (North, South, Central and the adjoining islands), and Africa (*see Bush/Obama Africom corporate takeover attempt on the Motherland) ... Lets shut up and stop putting each other down, and wake up to build and bring our Moorish People up... PEACE, LOVE, and MUCH RESPECT... Moors

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Identifying the Real Problem for Our Condition Part-1: Changing False Fed Perception IF YOU ARE ONE WHO GAIN INFORMATION FROM ONLY LIMITED SOURCES; THIS DISCUSSION IS NOT FOR YOU. Gnostics are religious [in... more

Ancient Moabite – Moorish History and Science: U.S. Corp. Co. Executive Order 13603 EXECUTIVE ORDER 13603 – OBAMA AUTHORIZES SLAVE LABOR ON A LARGE SCALE ON AMERICAN SOIL. Corporate President... more

The Secret Instructions of the Society of Jesus Chapter IX (9). Section XIII (13) reads: ?The Society may also advantageously traffic under the borrowed names of some rich merchants, our friends [identity theft of... more

The following is some suggestions of what Moorish families will need to survive the transition when the Albion's house of cards totally collapses around them. It's happening right now, but when it hits the dirt; it will happen at any moment -... more

In 1913 A.D. = 1333 Moorish Calendar year: 103 Years ago; Prophet Ali's call was and is: 'Come all ye Asiatics of America and hear the truth about your nationality and your birthrights - You are not negro, black, colored or ethiopian.... more

Ancient Moabite – Moorish History and Science: Observation of Law on Afrika Bambaataa's Crisis ARTICLE VI (6) Natural Law: Moorish Zodiac Constitution ?The MOORISH Zodiac Constitution is the only universal... more

Marbury v. Madison: 5 US 137 (1803): 'No provision of the Constitution is designed to be without effect...' 'Anything that is in conflict is null and void of law', "Clearly, for a secondary law to come in conflict with the supreme Law was... more

Moors established Universities which to this day offer a pristine education. When the Moors re-entered Spain (711 A.D.), it was for the purpose of civilizing - not conquering. ?Students flocked from France, Germany and England to drink from... more

Etymology of jurisprudence (n.) Systematic knowledge of law; directly from Late Moorish Latin iuris-pruden-tia "the science of law," from iuris "of right, of law" (genitive of ius; see jurist) + prudentia "knowledge, a foreseeing" (see... more

Last week; we left off at: MATRI means ‘Mother' and Matri-lineal also relates to the same. The ancient Moabite Nation was a ma-tri-arch-ate; and this is a social order governing body politic or state where the dominate authority... more
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