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  • Uncommon Animal Companions (Animal Odd Couples)

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    Perhaps you remember the story shared on The Missy Show of Baloo the Bear, Leo the Lion, and Shere Khan the Tiger?  They're the lion, tiger, and bear trio who through tragic circumstances, are now inseparable best friends, living together.  This friendship is indeed unique--but just how unique is it?  How many other unlikely animal friendships exist in the world?  In this episode of The Missy Show, we seek to find other "animal odd couples" and explore how their special relationships work and how they came to be.  Join hosts J and D, in what is sure to be another heart warming Missy Show experience.

  • Wild Animals as Pets (Is it Worth the Risk)?

    in Pets

    We've all watched the Animal Planet show, Fatal Attractions, (about people who choose to have wild animals as pets), right?  For most of us, the thought of owning a leopard, wolf, bear, or crocodile would be too scary to attempt.  After all, even if the animal was raised by the owner since it was very young, there'd still be the possibility of a such an animal turning on you--wouldn't there?  Or what if in a simple act of playing, the animal accidentally hurts or kills its human caregiver?  In this episode of The Missy Show, we explore the reasons individuals are motivated to choose a wild animal as a pet, and some of the special challenges facing them, (the human and animal).  Don't miss this episode of The Missy Show!

  • How Do Animals Contribute To Our Life & Living?

    in Pets

    How Do Animals Contribute To Your Life & Living? Have you ever taken a moment to look at all the ways animals contribute to our lives?
    What thoughts, feelings and emotions come to the surface around that?
    I wonder if and how much we are actually refusing with our choice not to acknowledge all the ways animals are contributing to us? 
    What if we asked animals to contribute to our lives and living? Are they waiting for us to ask them to contribute even more? What would receiving their contributions create? What if we could receive even more? Join us and lets look at what animals can invite us to around contributing! I wonder what we will uncover and step into? Join The Conversation!

  • Rainy Day Pet Activities (The Dog Days of Summer Episode)

    in Pets

    Most people with young children can appreciate the value of having fun indoor activities as a back up plan for those dreary days when outside play is an impossibility.  So why not have the same back up activities in place for your pets?  Most dog breeds (and some cats, also), love being outside and can start to feel cooped up and restless after extended periods indoors.  Having fun activities planned to keep your pet engaged, can be just the thing to keep both you and your pets happy, (and ensure you don't run each other up the wall)!  Join us on this episode of The Missy Show as we give out some super charged, fun indoor activity ideas!  Don't miss it!  Join us Saturday, May 21st at a special time of 10pm Central.

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To animal lovers, pets make the dearest companions, providing unconditional love that lasts a lifetime. Here you'll find a whole herd of pet-related podcasts, featuring conversations with the world's best pet service providers: animal trainers, veterinarians, pet rescue workers, groomers, authors, Animal Planet stars, even pet psychics! Choose from hundreds of shows, including go-to guides for pet parents or those looking to adopt, filled with tips and tricks for every canine conundrum, feline hijinks or aviary issue around. Since pets teach us so much about friendship and responsibility, the positive impact they bring to our lives is undeniable. They have an extraordinary ability to heal, especially hospital patients, nursing home residents, prison inmates and more through animal-assisted therapy. So whether your best friend is warmblooded and fuzzy or coldblooded and scaly, you'll connect with a fun flock of likeminded animal advocates to share insight and learn about all things pets.

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