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Ms KiKi

Playing Devil's Advocate™


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PDA is socially known as Public Displays of Affection. It can be shocking and gritty or subtle and classy. On this show, Ms. KiKi is all about shock, grit, subtlety and class as she delivers her humorous, edgy take on life, love and relationships by her own rules, by Playing Devil’s Advocate (PDA).™ Ms. KiKi gives it to you straight with real world talk that will have you laughing, crying and challenging social themes while keeping your mental gears in check. Playing Devil’s Advocate (PDA) Uncensored, Unscripted, UNAPOLOGETIC!!!™ Executive Producer: KiKi Richardson Associate Producer: Chandra Alexander Producer: Angel Johnson

On-Demand Episodes

This week on Playing Devil's Advocate™ Ms. KiKi and the crew let's the audience take control of the show and discuss the stories YOU CHOOSE! It is Open Forum time again and the spotlight is on Sports and Entertainment! With... more

Ever read an article, hear a story from a friend and wonder, "How the Hell Does That Happen?" This week on Playing Devil's Advocate™ - hosted by Ms.KiKi the crew will discuss some of these outrageously ridiculous things that happen... more

Botox & Silicone & Augmentations…OH MY!! It seems as if everyone is getting some kind of work done these days and this week on Playing Devil's Advocate™ hosted by Ms. KiKi, the crew will discuss this Cosmetic... more

Lady: a woman who is refined, polite, and well-spoken; a woman of high social position or economic class THOT: That Hoe Over There This week on Playing Devil's Advocate™-hosted by Ms. KiKi and the crew will break down the... more

Independence Day is approaching & it's supposed to represent American Freedom but do you realize Legislators have been passing petty laws that are eating away at your supposed rights & freedom? Tune in this week to Playing... more

Is what's being reported in the news actually important or are we pawns in a grand scheme to keep us all ignorant? This week on Playing Devil's Advocate™-hosted by Ms. KiKi, the crew will discuss the Bullsh*t News &... more

Nature or Nurture...Which is it????? The debate over whether homosexuality is a result of genetic or environmental factors has been an on-going one; and this week Ms. KiKi and the cast will tackle the topic, no-holds barred by... more

Have you ever met someone who was ?too good to be true? then they did something that made either you or your friends give them the side eye? Have you ever come to an end of a relationship and say, ?That Mofo is CRAZY!!! How... more

The time of year has come when Playing Devil's Advocate™ hosted by Ms. KiKi and the crew can celebrate their passion...making PDA happen every week! For year 6 the cast will open the doors and let you all know what goes on... more

Social Media, TV, Magazines, Billboards & the list goes on...It seems that everywhere we look today these young girls and women are naked!! This week on PLAYING DEVIL'S ADVOCATE™ -Hosted by Ms. KiKi, the crew will... more
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