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    What Does It Mean To Be a Mother?

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    In observance of Mother's Day we will talk about what it means to be a mother, including how this meaning is changing over time, or is it really? Dr. Annie Abram will be interviewed by Rondi Charleston.  Dr. Abram is a psychotherapist and psychoanalyst, and holds a PhD in clinical social work. Her practice is in Norwalk, CT.
    Rondi Charleston, a Juilliard graduate, is an award winning jazz singer/lyricist/composer whose work has appeared in film, TV and on stage throughout the U.S. and Europe.
    Her most recent album, Signs of Life, climbed the Jazz Week charts for ten consecutive weeks and has critics raving; Jazz Times proclaims: “she is a songwriter whose poetic, narrative, and compositional skills are comparable to such modern masters as Joni Mitchell and Paul Simon.” Touring in support of Signs of Life, Rondi and her all-star band have given sold out performances from coast to coast – from Yoshi’s in San Francisco, to Mayne Stage in Chicago, to Joe’s Pub in New York. Along the way, Rondi has appeared as a featured guest on such prestigious television – PBS Chicago Tonight, Entertainment Tonight, and ABC Windy City Live. Prior to her jazz career Rondi worked at ABC News as a journalist. She received an Emmy and Peabody Award as a television journalist and investigative reporter for Primetime Live.

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    Marijuana Madness Part I with Avani Dilger

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    Marijuana has gone from being the “Devil’s Weed” to “Harmless” but what is the truth? Is there propaganda on both sides? Is it REALLY addictive? Is it REALLY medicine? Is marijuana harmless? Host Aaron Huey of Fire Mountain Residential Treatment Center and Avani Dilger approach it from the middle to try to discover the truth.
    Avani G. Dilger, MEd, LPC, BC-DMT, CACIII is Founder and Executive Director of Natural Highs Community. She is a Licensed Professional Counselor, a Certified Addiction Counselor, a Somatic Psychotherapist, and a member of the Motivational Interviewing Network of Trainers. She has specialized in substance abuse treatment with adults, teens-at-risk, and their families. She holds a Master’s in Education from the University of Cologne in Germany and a Master’s in Somatic Counseling Psychology from Naropa University. She has done extensive research and training in traditional and alternative approaches to substance abuse treatment. She is passionate about the creative potential of craving and addiction issues. She has developed the “Natural Highs – Healthy Alternatives to Drugs and Alcohol” Program that integrates traditional and alternative approaches to substance abuse and addiction issues and teaches teens and adults how to work in intelligent ways with their own brain chemistry through body/mind practices, dance, ritual, meditation, and the creative arts. Avani is a trainer and consultant in the Criminal Justice System and has trained probation, parole, and corrections officers in Motivational Interviewing and Evidence-based Practices throughout the U.S. She is an expert reviewer for publications on teen substance abuse issues.

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    The Reason Your Kids Are Screwed Up is You! (Intro by Fire!)

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    You are a bad parent, now start doing something to fix it.
    08/07/2016 Assignment: 
    What is the one thing that if accomplished would have the greatest impact on your life?
    My One Thing is . . .
    Name three simple action items that you can take to start the process of acheiving this one thing.
    1)  ________________________________________________________
    2) ________________________________________________________
    3) ________________________________________________________
    *Each day for the next 7 days, write down three simple (acheivable) easy action items that you want to complete each day.
    TIP:  Buy a cheap spiral bound student notebook to record your goals and action items.

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    Episode 2: cps incentives and our story

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    Tonight, I will be continuing the questions I started to ask earlier and then continuing to tell our story about how we got caught in corruption

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    The school buses are back and taking our kids off for a new school year. As parents, we trust that they will receive the best education they can in the school system. As back to school month continues on Mommas Pearls, Special guest Marlon Villalva, a longtime educational administrator, joins us to explore the pressures on school kids these days, what parents can do and what really happens behind the scenes.

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    Cut it Out! The Epidemic of Cesarian Sections

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    Join me for a rich bold jazzy converstion with Theresa Morris, author of Cut It Out: the C-Section Epidemic in America.  Professor Morris' primary areas of specialization are Organizational Theory, Sociology of Reproduction and Birth, Political Sociology, and Sex and Gender. 
    Theresa challenges most existing explanations of the unprecedented rise in c-section rates, which locate the cause of this trend in physicians practicing defensive medicine, women choosing c-sections for scheduling reasons, or women’s poor health and older ages. Morris’s explanation of the c-section epidemic is more complicated, taking into account the power and structure of legal, political, medical, and professional organizations; gendered ideas that devalue women; hospital organizational structures and protocols; and professional standards in the medical and insurance communities. She argues that there is a new culture within medicine that avoids risk or unpredictable outcomes and instead embraces planning and conservative choices, all in an effort to have perfect births. Based on 130 in-depth interviews with women who had just given birth, obstetricians, midwives, and labor and delivery nurses, as well as a careful examination of local and national level c-section rates, Cut It Out provides a comprehensive, riveting look at a little-known epidemic that greatly affects the lives, health, and families of each and every woman in America.

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    The Desire to Hear our Children Speak

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    My son doesn't say too many words. Nor do many other kids with autism. It is a struggle in daily life. It is also a struggle when it seems to impede a parents ability to help the child. This is my story and how we are working with what seems to be a limitation. 

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    The Story of Parents in Two Places

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    Looking at family life from the inside out is totally different from looking at it from the outside in. In the book there's one person named, Magdaline . She was born into a big family, where her parents were married but actually lived in two separate homes a lot of the time. But they were still able to provide the love; discipline and guidance that she needed to maintain a good life. My book let's families understand that even when you try to do the right things in life; your life will still be filled with many obstacles, struggles and surprises. One can never look at the problem and throw their hands up. Always work toward a solution. 

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    Getting Male Role Models Involved in Our Children’s Education

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    Altorice and his guests will explore how to overcome the many barriers to fathers’ participation in their children’s education such as:
    ·       The belief that a child's education is a mother's responsibility
    ·       A tendency for schools to communicate primarily with mothers
    ·       Divorced or separated mothers having sole custody of children
    ·       Fathers' demanding work schedules
    ·       A failure to recognize the importance of becoming involved
    ·       Literacy and language difficulties

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    Jeremy Leach Interview [Part 2] Athletics and your child

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    Proactive Parenting is all about building better adults.  Please go to our website www.proactiveparenting.us to find out more.  Also follow us on our Facebook page www.facebook.com/proactiveparentingonline  or on our Twitter twitter.com/PrActiveParent
    If you desire to donate to Proactive Parenting you may do so by going to https://www.paypal.me/proactiveparenting
    This is a 2 part series
    Jeremy Leach is Athletic Director at Calvary Christian School in Covington Ky.  You may go to there website at http://www.ccsky.org You may also email Jeremy at: jeremy.leach@ccsky.org or connect with him on facebook: https://www.facebook.com/jeremy1leach
    If you have a story you want to tell about your ministry, please contact Proactive Parenting by going to our website: www.proactiveparenting.us 

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    Dr. Amber Brooks DAN Professional

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    Join me as I interview a DAN- Defeat Autism Now doctor Amber Brooks.