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We discuss everything unknown and paranormal. We bring some of the best guests in the fields of Horror, Ufology, Bigfoot and the Paranormal. We are NOT your regular boring talk show. We push the limits with laughter and sometimes a bit of controversial statements. You want crazy, you want different, you want to walk away from your device thinking, WOW..Then we are the show for you!

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Jereme Leonard is a Demonologist and Heads a Team Called ‘GhostQuest Paranormal of Louisiana Leonard considers his team to be a ‘small, elite group' and states that each member specializes in the paranormal. They have fifteen years of combined experience and are considered professionals in their field, not simply ‘ghost-hunters', as some like to call them. The team specializes in exorcism and ‘house-cleaning', demonology, and the occult. (Information courtesy of Paranormal). Jereme Leonard also known as The Cajun demonologist. Jereme is also a published author of the book The Dwelling a dark entity. the events that take place in his book or what led him into the world of demonology. Jereme started his career and the Paranormal as a Paranormal Investigator with the Paranormal Society. which had a regional TV show that aired across the Louisiana East Texas Northern Arkansas and Mississippi. Jereme is also an ordained minister and a board member of the Dominion Ministry. Jereme has appeared on more than 50 radio and internet shows. He has also appeared on television shows such as Destination America swamp monsters and Destination America when ghosts attack and The Weather Channel American Supernatural the curse of Julia Brown.
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Last day at Gettysburg Battlefield bash, Wouded Warrior Fundraiser. day #3

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