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Paratalkradio Welcomes the NC Squatch Watchers

  • Broadcast in Paranormal



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It all began with David Martin, or as most call him “Super Dave”, and a passion for discovering the truth. Rex Lail of Rex Allen Theatre Presents has had countless Bigfoot encounters and sightings in particular areas of the western woods of North Carolina for years. Rex himself ventured out with their own small group to hunt and research this mysterious Bigfoot. That is where David Martin and Toby Bolick came in. As the group gathered evidence and hunted through the years, the group changed faces constantly until it was down to only Rex, David, and Toby. David took the helm as team leader and assembled his own hunt team to continue the hunt and dream of coming face to face with this massive being some day. David assembled himself, Toby, Derrick, and a young skeptic fresh out of high school in Taylor Cook. The group took to the woods and continued the hunt as a group called “The NC Squatch Watchers” that was featured as a television show on a local North Carolina station called channel 14 WHKY as part of a Friday segment of Rex Allen Theatre Presents airing at 8:00 PM Eastern. The brave four faced many encounters with a group of Bigfoot in Rex Lail’s endless woods and gathered some concrete evidence through the years to prove the existence. As time passed, Derrick had to withdraw from the group to pursue his role as youth pastor of his church.  Taylor decided to bring in his lifelong best friend of the same age Tate Fulbright, also another skeptic at the time. The four took to the woods again to hunt and faced more encounters/evidence. As Taylor and Tate became near the believers in Bigfoot as David and Toby were, the group decided to go forward and branch out to social media platforms to reach as many viewers and people as possible with their hunts and stories. Within the full year of 2017, the group’s Instagram page reached over 10,000 followers and YouTube channel reached over 11,000 subscribers.