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This fictional podcast follows David, a chronic sufferer of sleep paralysis on his annual camping trip with friends. But something evil from his dreams awaits.

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Screams and gunfire fill the woods as David, Roland, and Julia make their way to the farmhouse. Once there, they barricade the place to make it as safe as possible. But is it safe? Outside, monsters swarm and a strange man stalks the... more

Erika grabs the camera and searches for Shane as he sleepwalks and causes a mess. Things are getting creepier and Shane doesn't realize how bad it is, until Erika shows him the tape.

Joel is dead, the diner is destroyed, and water is pouring in. The remaining group must decide what to do now. Julia mentions her farmhouse which could provide much needed security. But can they make it? If you would like to donate, visit... more

The storm has picked up. Water is making its way into the diner. Is there no escape? Joel once again tries to make it to his daughter leaving the rest of the group to hunker down and wait for the storm to pass. David and Roland continue... more

The storm has picked up and because the phones aren't working, the people in the diner are panicking. Everyone tries leaving, but no one makes it out, including David and Roland. David realizes this is Terra Lake all over again. Welcome to... more

A huge storm is hitting the area, but that doesn't deter David and Roland from meeting up with Joel at the diner. While conversing over the Sefton Trust file, David sees a familiar face. But then things start taking a turn for the worse...... more

Erika gets the camera and starts filming Shane. She decides she is going to "Paranormal Activity" him to find out why he is acting so creepy. This means she is going to film him at night; a way to catch him in the act. While annoyed... more

David arrives back at the motel to find a worried Roland. After they play catch-up, Roland asks David to retell his horror at the cabin. At night, David awakens to find some hidden items in Roland's backpack that takes him by surprise. Don't forget... more

David's vision of the Shadow Man startles him and makes him rethink staying in Leyden Falls. But once Roland is able to bring David back to the motel, he calms. Roland continues her investigation and David decides to head to the local... more

To get a better understanding of the Sefton Trust murders, Roland and David talk to some people around town. As the similarities between Trust and David grow, David starts becoming wary of what's to come. If you enjoy this podcast don't... more