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This fictional podcast follows David, a chronic sufferer of sleep paralysis on his annual camping trip with friends. But something evil from his dreams awaits.

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Writer and producer Robert M. Lamb sits with Jack Austin (voice of Charlie/Joel) and Meagan Austin (voice of Librarian) to talk about Paralyzed Season 2. They discuss story elements, character development, acting, and the upcoming... more

It's been three weeks since David's passing. Roland meets with Julia at a local bar to explain some findings. As they catch up, Roland presents some disturbing news to Julia.

Extremely excited about the cruise, Erika brings out the video camera to document more. Shane grabs the bags and the two of them head for the ship. But as they take a picture before departure Shane sees... a moth?

Things continue to get worse, but David cannot summon the Shadow Man. David knows they need to leave. Trust and the creatures are relentless. Not only that, but Steve now stalks the woods. The only other option they have to escape is... more

Steve has gone crazy, but Roland comes to the rescue. Unfortunately, she's hurt in the process. The farmhouse is no longer safe and the remaining survivors think it's time to leave. But can they escape? Don't forget to rate and review!!... more

Things have calmed and David and Julia are finally able to get some sleep. Sadly, it doesn't last long when Julia catches Roland talking to someone outside. Who could it be? Not only that, but Steve and Charlie are about to take matters into... more

Steve and David run downstairs to warn everyone of the approaching danger. The power has been cut and creatures stalk the outside. But it doesn't take long before Trust and the creatures try to force their way into the house. The group... more

Erika has some ideas about what Shane's nightmares could be about. With the cruise coming up she is worried that Shane won't have any fun, but Shane assures her that things will be fine.

No one knows what to do. The storm has died down, but escape seems impossible. David and Julia move to the kitchen and bond while Roland continues her research of Sefton Trust. When it begins to rain again the group hears a... more

David tells Julia, Charlie, and Steve everything he knows. Afterwards, Roland demands they fortify the house. While doing so, David comes to the realization that the crazy man weilding an axe is someone he knows! Music: "Thunder... more