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Owl Post - Harry Potter

Owl Post: A Harry Potter Podcast


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Owl Post: A Harry Potter Podcast walks through every chapter of the Harry Potter saga one chapter at a time, touching on the characters, themes and story as we dissect J.K. Rowling's wondrous series.

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The Potions Master. Harry is at Hogwarts and the routine of school begins to set in as he and the other first years struggle to keep up with the homework the professors have been giving them. In this episode of Owl Post: A Harry Potter... more

The Sorting Hat. Harry Potter has finally made it to Hogwarts but standing in his way is a hat, waiting to sort him into a house. In this episode of Owl Post: A Harry Potter Podcast hosts Andrea Coffman and Matthew Rushing talk about the... more

The Journey from Platform Nine and Three-quarters. Harry has experienced a lot of changes since he learned from Hagrid that he's a wizard and the wizarding-world continues to grow as he finally finds himself on the way to... more

Diagon Alley. Just when Harry Potter thought things couldn't get any stranger, he wakes up to realize that the dream he had was not a dream but reality, he is a wizard and headed to pick up his things for his new school. In this episode of... more

The Keeper of the Keys. The last time, we left Harry and his relatives in a dark cabin on a small outcropping of rock that's surrounded by water and there was a large bang on the front door. In this episode of Owl Post: A Harry Potter... more

The Letters From No One. Letter writing is a lost art so imagine getting letters on parchment with a wax seal, addressed to you with, not just your address but the very room you sleep in and the keep showing up in the strangest places. In this... more

The Vanishing Glass. What would happen if you woke up one morning and found a child on your doorstep with a letter explaining the reason you needed to care for them? What would you do? How would you raise this child and treat him? This... more

Owl Post Chapter 001: The Boy Who Lived Every story has a beginning and the Harry Potter series starts with the most unlikely of people, the muggle of muggle families, the Dursleys. In this episode of Owl Post hosts Andrea Coffman and... more

Owl Post Introduction: 000 Since it's release in 1997, Harry Potter has only continued to rise in popularity with eight movies based off of the seven books, video games, a play, a website called Pottermore and the addition of... more