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Solaris and Mark Discuss Historical Trends and The Meier Material

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Ohio Exopolitics

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Solaris and Mark Discuss Historical Trends and Meier Material

How the Removal of Gender Effects Thinking

The removal of gender in the lower class will also have a profound effect on thinking. When there is harmonious thinking between two different people then there is a something called constructive interference that occurs. What that means is that the waves associated with the thoughts tend to amplify each other. This effect of constructive interference can actually be even more pronounced when it occurs between people of the opposite sex. The global elite want to remove all constructive interference in our thinking.


The "Left" will not tolerate discussion, so now you see them chanting, or yelling continually; instead of allowing discussion. This chanting, the shouting people down, the interruptions are tactics that are being taught to the left by the elite. The chants of the left reveal their intentions to destroy the thoughts that allow our nation to exist; for example, I am sure that you have heard, "No border, No Wall, No U.S.A. at all". Eventually, I predict that the controllers will invent a chant that will express the desire to removal what they call "Toxic Masculinity".