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THE KINDNEST IS FOR THE POOR, THE UNWANTED, THE FORGOTTEN AND ALL THAT IS RIGHT,...Nurse DebBEE...THE BEE...is on a Mission to Promote Health, Wellness, but most importantly PEOPLE HAPPINESS..THE KEY TO DIVINE TRUE HEALTH AND WELLNESS... SO JOIN HER HERE AND BEE PART OF THE UNIVERSAL FORCE... Sincerely THE BEE Nurse DebBEE, Registered Nurse Retired United States Navy, and a Proud Active Member of THE AMERICAN LEGION.

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Its true Nursing teacher can be thugs and mug Nursing student of there comfort. Nurse DebBEE has been inspired, by a powerful positive universal force; Ms Temple Grandin to produce this Podcast where all Nursing Students can come... more

YOU GOT TO LET ME KNOW? its all tease tease tease...if you want me off your back...YOU HAVE TO LET ME KNOW? NOOOOOOOOOOOOO....THE INDECISION ARE BUGGIN NURSE DEBBEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Live on... more

GRAP YOUR DRUM and beat this in till you get it in your fat head... Painful as it is take the pain, its commuication. PAIN IS THE WAY THE BODY TRYS OT TELL YOU STOP ABUSING IT, OR IT HAS BEEN TROUGH TRAMA AND... more

Calm down, sit down, grab your tea kettles and now have some TEA WITH THE BEE. Nurse DebBEE GOTCHZ THE "GLOBAL CHRONIC CONFUSION" the invention is simple: STOP, DROP THE TEA KETTLE, ROLL OUT THE TEA... more

Your Mind and Your Body are Attachment to every moment of your life. Be connected to what you need to find HAPPY, HAPPY, JOY, JOY... Nurse DebBEE discusses failure as your greatest lessions for becoming the greastest YOU,... more

Nomadic, cognitively distracted, rabbling, babbling...WANDERS, WANDERLUST, WANDERING MINDS. Nurse DebBEE is up to tackle this NURSING DIAGNOSIS ! Wander down the Rabbit hole on Asktalkradio to get your wanderlust dose... more

All the worlds a stage each of with our Roles...Caregiver Role is one you might even realize your a victim of! Straining to Care daring to always be there, Nurse DebBEE message is for us as a United World Straining TO DARE TO CARE!... more

Ineffective Coping Mechanisms, GET A GRIP! Shop til you drop, Dance like no ones watching ( trust me someones watching), drown your sorrows (with whatever poison you choice), bottomline if you continue not be a dope and NOT cope with... more

Ah Ah Ah, STAYIN ALIVE!!! What do you do to keep you active? Get off the HUMAN HAMSTER TREDMILL WHEEL! Nurse DebBEE explores the real ways to bee productive with your heartbeats. Get out of the gym and into the world... more
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