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Since 2008 Steve and Alex have been diving into the paranormal, the supernatural and the occult as well as diving in to the world of the horror film among many other aspects. Every Sunday evening 11pmEST till 1amEST. Pieces of the darkness are now set to reveal themselves!! Hosts Steve Genier and Alex Rondini will be trying to unravel the paranormal from all aspects. From the scientific to the spiritual and from it's urban legends. Interviewing people who investigate, research and write about the paranormal. Of course many of you are interested in the paranormal and all it's different aspects! Let's face it, there are many different ways to approach it, that is our defense given that this is not only a field that still relatively unknown but highly unregulated and very exploited! These are the issues we cover on the show.

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Former co-host and good friend Kate Kingston returns once again to chat with Steve and Alex. Tonight we will be discussing astral project, OBE's (Out of Body Experiences) as well as past life regression and much more! Just how real are... more

Tonight Steve and Alex will be hosting a paranormal free-for-all open lines!! No holds barred, raw and in your face! Tune in! Call in or join us in the show's live chatroom!!

Yes, that's right, we are starting off a new year as we did with the old one, in your face about the paranormal. Our first show of 2013 will be a dark discussions round table on the future of the paranormal. Where it could be heading, what... more

In our last show of 2012 before our holiday hiatus. We are joined by our good friends David Farrant and Chris Holly in discussing these strange unseen entities that are often mistaken for other paranormal phenomena. David Farrant... more

With the explosion of popularity of ghost hunting or shall we say thrill seeking, there is also a rise in dangerous accidents etc. happening. Tonight Steve and Alex explore the do's and don't of investigating the paranormal. As well as... more

In search of Canadian witch burnings and trials. Just like our American counterparts did in the early settlement years, were the Brits and the French doing the same on Canadian soil? Our first installment will be to test the waters... more

Shredding the crap and gettting to the heart of just what the paranormal should be all about! Tonight, Steve and Alex are joined by good friends Justin Villarreal of Lake County Ghosting Hunting Research Group and also, Joe Andrade... more

Steve and Alex will be joined by NFR's first co-host Kate Kingston, who has seen her fair share on the paranormal battlegrounds. From Haunted Hamilton, SOPS and the TV show Creepy Canada. She returns as we chat about several items... more

Tonight, Steve and Alex will be taking your calls with stories for the Halloween season! Tales of the unusual, the down right scary and of course into the vast realm of the paranormal! Also, we would like to hear from those of you who... more

Steve and Alex catch up with their good friend, writer Chris Holly. When it comes to covering the entire paranormal gambit, writer Chris Holly has it covered! From UFOs to shadow people and beyond! For more on her work, you can visit her... more
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