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  • Empire In Crisis...The Desolations Are Starting To Multiply

    in Current Events

      This episode of "The Star & Crescent Report" will deal with numerous issues the American Empire now finds herself in. Because she refuses to give Black America "Freedom indeeds" and "Justice", she is now under the divine gun and as we can see, it is now starting to take a toll on her governance, her economy, her infrastruture, her world standing, her sanity, and her place politically and geopolitically domestically and globally.
    We will deal with the current problems and crisis that America, as the global Empire, now finds herself in and how it pertains to you. Please join us on this powerful episode and remember to invite a friend and a family member! We look forward to hearing from you!

  • 100 Days of Action@ Protest Trump,Birthday Tribute to Hon. Joan Delores Perry

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    The Tea Party Republicans also Known as Trump Republicans control hundreds of Radical Conservative Talk Radio Shows throughout America, Even the Klu Klux Klan and David Duke have Talk Radio Shows, In coming Episodes we will explore Progressive Talk Radio Shows like The Al Sharpton Show and other Progressive Show to keep you in informed on our Action Plans to Challenge The Hate of Doandl Trump and Tea Party Republicans from Town Clerks to School Boards to Mayors to State Legislators to Governors, Congress Members and US Senators.
    In the Episode We Celebrate The Life and Times of Civil Rights Icon Joan Delores Jackson Perry, and we hope to have friends and family on the Show or text us about their experience with The Former Seat Pleasant Md City Councilwoman.
    Dont Forget to Call Your Congress Member Today, and find the Date, Time and Location of his or her Town Meeting, And Ask Them Why Are You Ending Affordable Helath Care for All Americans, Why do you want to reduce funds for OUR PUBLIC SCHOOLS AND INCREASE FUNDS FOR , THE FOR PROFIT SCHOOLS...And  Why are Republican Members of Congress Not Standing Up for Womens Rights, Against Muslim Bans and Spending Three Trillion Dollars of Tax Payers Dollars to Build a Wall Between USA and Mexico, Bring your Family and Neighbors and Standup to Trump.

  • Babylon Watch

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    News and Information for Hebrew Israelites awaken to The Truth and Others who Seek Truth

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    Join Internationally Recognized Prophecy Expert, Minister, Speaker and Author, Paul McGuire as he examines current events under the lens of Bible Prophecy. Listener support is essential and we’re eternally grateful for your prayers and contributions! You can donate immediately by clicking HERE
    Click HERE to donate $50 today and receive a FREE copy of Paul’s Best Selling Book, “The Day The Dollar Died”!
    Music by JoeCharlesMusic.com

  • The Andrew Powell Show

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    TODAY ON THE SHOW (LIVE 2:00-4:00 PM ET): Andrew is back from his day off yesterday! And while Magic Johnson was promoted on Andrew's day off, he's making moves (such as trying to trade for Paul George) and Andrew is back just in time! Contributor for the South Beach Times, Eric Chiofalo, joins the show! What can he tell us about the recent moves involving the Miami Dolphins? How much of an impact will tight end Julius Thomas make? Also! Jalen Jackson, All-State High School Football Player and Lock Haven University commit, joins the show! What can he tell us about his experiences as a student-athlete up until this point? The DNC Chair Debate was Tuesday night! Andrew reacts! CNN's Don Lemon gets mad at "fake news"! And the Trump Administration continues to make moves! PLUS MORE! You can call into the show at (929) 477-1592 and you can tweet Andrew @andrewrpowell. The Andrew Powell Show is LIVE Monday-Friday 2:00-4:00 PM ET on South Beach Times Radio, www.southbeachtimes.com and also available for podcast on iTunes.

  • Zone 13/ tbd

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    3pm ET Thur
    ZONE 13
    Please tune in today for the live season finale' of ZONE 13
    hosted by Jo Anne Moretti, Scott Ferrarello & crew
    Also visit our homesite at Freedomizerradio.com

  • Brian Setchfield & John Paterson On The Andy Peacher Show

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    Listen into yet another explosive Andy Peacher's radio show. Its the show the 'Powers that Shouldn't Be' hate the most, because its the show guaranteed to bring them all to their knees.
    http://aboutmatttaylor.blogspot.co.uk/    https://www.facebook.com/taylorforsussexpolicecrimecommissioner/
    Joining Matt Will Be Joe discuss Elderley Abuse.
     http://skc.20fr.com/     KATY BOURNE SPCC GETTING AWAY WITH MURDER:
    http://www.pca.00server.com/   SUSSEX CRIMINAL JUSTICE BOARD 

  • Real World Witness- Trump Is My President

    in Current Events

    The Presidential election sparked a revolution - a revolution of the awakening of not only America, but the world!  There are so many things going on that I felt compelled to be a voice- a voice for freedom, truth and a beacon for those willing to stand up for it! 
    Join me each week as we discuss Trump's continued fight against the globalists, our culture, security issues, biblical end time news and more! 
    God Bless America! 

  • The Latin America stories of the week

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  • Episode 40 – Book about Deadbeat Moms (It’s not just about money)

    in Current Events

    Episode 40 – Book about Deadbeat Moms (It’s not just about money). You Host: Brian Lee / Co-Host: Steven Ball & April McCracken
    Join the RFIR Team this evening, Thursday, February 23rd from 7-9 p.m. EST., 6-8 p.m. CST., 5-7 p.m. MST., 4-6 p.m. PST. for Episode 40 – Book about Deadbeat Moms (It’s not just about money); as we will be joined by our guest, Naomi Brunner from Brooklyn, NY, a mother of 1 daughter and Author of “Deadbeat Moms”. We will discuss her book and her experiences growing up in a fatherless home.
    Naomi’s book “Deadbeat Moms” is a raw and thought-provoking read that will leave all of us analyzing our- selves, and the way we deal with our children. In Deadbeat Moms, Naomi has unwrapped stories that were un-told because of societal trend in covering up abuse within families. Stern warning about keeping family matters private has resulted in ongoing abuse against children. This powerful account sheds light on the different type of mothers, from all walks of life. Naomi first novel serves up walloping tales of abusive mothers. It also outlines ways of inter-vening by the common citizens. Whether you’re a parent or a non-parent, Deadbeat Moms will move you to act. It comes complete with instructional guides on how to deal with child abuse and neglect.
    At the time, Naomi didn’t know that she could have faught to see her father. Instead, she wrote a book about her family’s situation. Even though she realized there was corruption within the family aspect of law, she never experienced it. She knows that relationships don’t always work out as planned, but nevertheless, a child should always be allowed to spend time with other parents. By coming to the show, Naomi hopes to shed light on what children feel like when they are caught up in the middle of parents that don’t see eye to eye

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    Collections By Michelle Brown WSG Kim L. Hunt

    in Current Events

    Collections By Michelle Brown sits down with Chicago Gay & Lesbian Hall of Fame Inductee  Kim L. Hunt. She has a 30-year career that spans the public, private, and nonprofit sectors with a focus on advocacy and nonprofit management. She is currently the executive director of Pride Action Tank (PAT), a social justice lab devoted to improving outcomes for LGBTQ communities through a collaborative process of inquiry, advocacy, and action. PAT is a project of the AIDS Foundation of Chicago, where Ms. Hunt also serves as an advocacy advisor. She is a co-host of a monthly LGBTQ storytelling event, the political columnist for FOP Magazine and has taught numerous workshops and mini-courses over her career. Ms. Hunt is also a recent inductee into the Chicago LGBT Hall of Fame.

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