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    Interview with Phyllis Cook

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    Phyllis Cook is on a mission to get justice for her father and brother after they mysteriously die. Phyllis joins us to discuss her quest for answers.

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    What happened in the 2017 Election? A Reflection by Ron and Don

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    Historial Ronald A. Edwards and educator Don Allen team up this week to bring you the best in local, national and international news and current events. This week, our program is 90-minutes so we can talk about elections in the state of Minnesota, more specifically, the Twin Cities. Join us! The phone lines will be open! 

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    Dark Days Ahead For This Dying World

    in Current Events

    A deep theological  acessment of global events and what they mean to your life & the security of your family. This episode first aired over 3 years ago, yet it's wisdom is still far reaching and impactful.

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    Ep 35: Colin Kaepernick's Unsigned and Why Scott's Boycotting The NFL

    in Current Events

    Join Dr. Scott Speed & John Costino LIVE to discuss the social implications of Colin Kaepernick being unsigned. Do the owners have the right to not hire him because he is a distraction and could potentially lose them money? Should Kaepernick fans boycott the NFL?
    During this show Scott and John share where they stand onn the issue and Scott shares why he has decided to stop watching his favorite sport, NFL Football. 
    Call in to listen live or speak: 929-477-4107 

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    The word Holy Bible derives from the Greek Words Helios Biblos. Helios means Sun and Biblos is derived from the ancient Egyptian word, papyrus, which means paper. "Holy Bible" means Sun Book (or compiled papers) and represents the knowledge of the "Children of the Sun" as recorded by the original inhabitants of Egypt.The biblical Jesus, for the most part, is the SUN in the sky. The fiery SUN. John 3:19 "I am the Light of the world," Psalms 84:11 "the Lord God is a sun….," Deuteronomy 4:24 "God is a consuming fire," Mal. 4:2 "Sun of Righteousness," and John 12:46 "...a light into the world" are just a few examples. The 12 apostles of the biblical Jesus are the constellations.People are not born from virgins. The Virgin birth is the SUN having its start (solar calendars) in the constellation of Virgo as it was in some areas of the world. (Virgo is Latin for virgin) The name Mary is symbolic to the names Auset-Meri (Isis) and Maya. Isis was the Virgin mother of the astrological Sun God Heru (Horus) of ancient Egypt. In Buddhist mythology, Maya was the name of the virgin mother of Siddhartha (the Buddha of 2,500 years ago). There are more astrological virgin mothers besides these three. In fact, there were over 10 "crucified saviors" before Jesus, because these are mythological and esoteric stories based on the SUN and it's movements. Virgo is the only female constellation, the celestial virgin.The resurrection of Lazarus is a plagiarized story taken from the Ausarian Resurrection of over 12,000 years ago, which was also based on the SUN. In the story, the God Ausar (Osirus) was killed by his brother, Set (origin of the word Satan). The son (Sun) of Ausar (Osirus), named Heru (Horus in Greek) avenged his father's death.

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    Old Time Radio Classics MYSTERY THEATER from the 1946 CBS Mystery Theater

    in History

    On this episode: CBS Mystery Theater~ TWO CLASSIC OLD TIME RADIO SHOWS FROM THE 1940's !!!!!
    Old time radio often called "otr" refers to radio shows from the early days of radio broadcasting. The term usually applies to dramas, comedies, mystery shows, westerns and variety shows that were acted out by professional actors and sent out over the airwaves. In the golden age of radio families would sit around their radio listening to the exciting shows the way we sit around our television sets watching them today.
    OTR fans used to be those people who grew up in the 1930's, 40's and 50's but thanks to the internet a whole new generation is falling in love with OTR! Yes, young and old alike love to listen to the radio shows of yesteryear. You are never too young to appreciate the talented actors and actresses from the golden age of radio. Old time radio cd's and old time radio dvd's as well as downloads have brought those classic programs into the high tech era.
    Our series of classic radio shows from The Golden Age Of Radio.

    Syndicated Live from Chicago, Joshua-Paul, the best man to hit the airwaves since Howard Stern. Simultaneously broadcast in many shapes and forms, iTunes, BlogTalkRadio, Blackberry, Android and any Affiliates. You are listening to completely inappropriate content for your listening pleasure. Be prepared to laugh, get serious and maybe even learn something.

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    TRS News! Call In And Tell Us Whats On Your Mind!

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    TRS News!  Call In And Tell Us Whats On Your Mind!
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    Life As A First Generation Teenage Immigrant In America

    in News

    Imagine what it must be like to be brought to the United States from your native homeland at the age of 3.  All of your young life, the only culture you are familiar with is your own South Asian culture, which required adhering to strict customs, including the need for females to remain silent.  Then, upon coming to America and being introduced to liberties and freedoms you secretly longed to enjoy, only to be told that your "liberal mindset" to your family name.  This is what happened with tonight's guest, author and poet, Duaah Hammad, who is a first generation Pakistani American immigrant.  Immigration is a volatile issue in America, and tonight we will all get the opportunity to learn just what it is like living in modern America as a teenage immigrant.  Not only that, but for Duaah, and no doubt others who have come to America from other countries, when she returned to her native Pakistan with her parents for their annual visits, she was viewed as a foreigner because of her ideals.  Then, upon returning to America, she is also viewed as a foreigner.  Just how does one learn to fit into two very different worlds?  Join us for this insightful learning experience.  Listen live at http://tobtr.com/10395925

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    We Are Not Cattle #133

    in Current Events

    Topic for the show:  We discuss the North Korea situation and how the alternative media is pushing the war narrative.  We also do our review of Hypernormalization by Adam Curtis. 

  • 00:14

    November 2017 Laura Ingalls Wilder Update

    in History

    We look at what's going on in Laura Ingalls Wilder fandom this month including events around the country and Trundlebed Tales programs.We close out the Laura Ingalls Wilder season.

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