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  • 01:33

    Talk On The Hudson-Tuesday June 15, 2021

    in Current Events

    Coming up, I welcome Jersey City Times Founder and Publisher Aaron Morrill to the 5 TIME AWARD-WINNING Talk On The Hudson.
    We discussed local stories involving the entrance of Lewis Spears into the Mayoral race, the most interesting races for City Council in Jersey City, the current political climate, the job performance of Mayor Steven Fulop and much more.
    Do not forget to share the link with your friends online!
    This episode is sponsored by:
    The Office of New Jersey State Senator Brian Stack
    Laundry Pal Delivery 
    The Township of West New York, New Jersey,
    The Township of Weehawken, New Jersey
    The City of Union City, New Jersey. 

  • 01:57

    Money Magicians: Here's what happens when the magic runs out

    in Current Events

    In this long await live episode of the most powerful show on the web, The Star & Crescent Report, blog talk radio show we will be discussing the global outlook and how things are starting to spiral out of control for the Western world and how the economic crisis is metastasizing at such an alarming rate that panic and fear has set in on those in power and those who directly benefits from this parasitic system built on racism and white exceptionalism.
      We will be discussing the ramifications of the current state of global politics and economics and just what it means to Black America and the non-white world at large. This is a 2 hour powerful episode that you do not want to miss. So we look forward to hearing from you so bring a friend and a family member. They will greatly benefit from what they hear.

  • 01:57

    Maeeyah Alaa Kulli Haal - Social Resurrection - Speak on it!

    in Current Events

    Join us every Monday at 7pm EST for another edition of  Maeeyah Alaa Kulli Haal with your Host, Imam Abdul Azeez. .He takes a closer look at the "We" as inheritors with a critical review of our Community our Family and Ourselves in an effort to develop and maintain Unconditional Positive Regard for one another. Togetherness under all circumstances is a weekly program aimed at recharging that true islamic spirit.
    Then join us at 8pm Est for an edition of Social Resurrection with host Rabihuh Jackson, whereby she has discussions on current events, giving information and resolution possibilities. Inviting notable authors, artists, that are professionally relevant to the topics on a weekly basis. This broadcast is to inform the listening audience of those concerned about our human and civil rights. Encouraging our listeners to give their voice to these concerns and allow hope to flourish, then all possible actions can be applied.  Using the foundation of Imam Mohammed's (RA) Tafsir "The 4 Birds".
    Connect on-line at or at (701)719-4197 for quality programming 24 hours daily. Join us live in the studio by dialing (515) 605-9891 or (425) 292-4253. You can share comments at or tweet @CWShuraa. Visit the website of our parent company, Community Wide Shuraa Conference, Inc. at or leave a listener comment at (910) 317-0297.
    You are listening to American Mulsim 360 where your intellect is respected and your voice protected.

  • 00:33


    in Current Events

    On this episode of the Scatterbrain Perspective we will be discussing the coming civil war in america, is it already here? Will it be Black vs White, Rich vs Poor, Red vs Blue states, Vaccinated vs Non-Vaccinated. What will happen when the money stops from al the stimulus packages and federal handouts? Will americans be willing to go back to work for a decent wage or for minimum wage. Join us in the conversation live this coming Sunday May 23rd @ 8:30am on or call into the live show @ 516-387-1722

  • 00:47

    White Red Pill Turns on Their Black YouTube Fanboys

    in News

    White Red Pill Turns on Their Black YouTube Fanboys

  • 01:08

    Ty Mason and Nick Salvemini of Your Journey Home (encore)

    in Current Events

    Coach Ty Mason is a former Gang Intervention Specialist, Juvenile Probation Officer, and Deputy Probation Officer. He attended Sacred Heart Cathedral College Preparatory High School in San Francisco and studied Psychology and Criminal Justice at UNLV, Coach Ty is a certified and health coach specializing in motivational interviewing techniques, family meditation, behavior intervention, and relapse prevention. he brings over 21 years of personal experience to his clients and the families he serves.
    Coach Nick is currently enrolled at Grand Canyon University studying social work with emphasis on psychology and addiction. He is a certified Health & Life Coach mentors many families in Las Vegas and Southern California. Nick enjoys reading, working out and writing. He currently writes many blogs for the Journey Home organization. Nick is a firm believer that families that read and write together, stay together.
    To Find Out More about our host Joe Terry visit
    For a comprehensive selection of things to do and places to go in the South Bay of Los  Angeles visit
    What's Happening in the South Bay, South Bay, Hermosa Beach, Manhattan Beach, Redondo Beach, The South Bay Show, Los Angeles, California, Current Events Calendar, Torrance, El Segundo, Palos Verdes

  • 02:44

    Texas Cancel Culture on Voting; Expert Guest on Tulsa Brutal Massacre; 100 yrs

    in Current Events

    Does creating more restrictions in voting cause the loss of voting rights?   House Democrats in Texas believe it will be a severe impairment for the ability of disadvantaged voters to be able to execute their civil right to vote.  Texas majority party lawmakers leveraged a hidden agenda against their colleagues by trying to weave in more damage to voter rights this weekend with an expanded bill.  We have a guest caller from Arkansas named Claire, who is a local expert of all the travails concerning the Tulsa Massacre 100 years ago, including private jets that launched an assault on the Greenwood neighborhood of Tulsa, a wealthy Black community.  The pigeons are coming home to roost and Americans are getting fully exposed to hidden events that have been acknowledged but not shared on a wide scale. It was mass murder of over 300 people, some dumped in the river.  We have 5 callers: Don from Reno, Jane from Duluth, Jon from L.A., Suzette from Riverside and Claire from Arkansas.  We got on to talk about social disparity concerning race and civil rights.

  • 00:51

    January Jones Explores Who Killed Kennedy? with Bill Deane

    in History

    Who Killed Kennedy?
    Years laters, THE ANSWER!
    Conclusively, the MOB did it!
    Bill Deane is an expert investigative journalist, speaker, and best selling author of Smooth Criminal, a One Man American Crime Wave.
    Bill's best-selling book exposes the consequences of our government freeing prisoners to carry out dangerous assignments.
    His expertise includes criminal behaviors, law enforcement (CIA, FBI, police, Justice Department), and the consequences of extreme secrecy (innocent American citizens's lives ruined).
      Bill is a professional on-air broadcaster, capable of telling a vital story in an info-tainment manner. A former major market anchor, news director, and network news assignment editor, Bill is an excellent radio guest.
    He is currently speaking on broadcast news history and the News and Why We are NOT Getting It.

  • 01:14

    The truth about online dating "Why blaq mn & blaq wm are in the same boat"

    in Current Events

    Today stream we are goona examing the matting market and where black men and woman fall with other rates of people. 
    Tune in and make black America great again 

  • 00:11

    Tulare County Museum of Farm Labor and Agriculture - Amy King on Big Blend Radio

    in History

    Recorded onsite, this Big Blend Radio interview features Amy King, curator at the Tulare County Museum of Farm Labor and Agriculture located in Mooney Grove Park in Visalia, California.
    The Tulare County Museum houses one of the largest Native American basket collections in California as well as artifacts of the pioneer era, agriculture equipment, restored buildings and many other treasures that tell the history of Tulare County.  The newest addition to the museum is the History of Farm Labor and Agriculture Museum, where each cultural group and their contributions to farm labor and agriculture will be featured. More: 

  • 03:00

    White Shaming- White Hate-Happy Juneteenth-Now What

    in Current Events

    White-shaming is a political tactic aimed at invalidating the opinions and experiences of people of European descent. Premised on a belief in collective guilt, it judges white folks not by the content of their character but by the color of their skin.
    When will black people stop blaming white people for shit just because they are white. why do black folks own negative shit like Hanging, and what happened 400 years ago, why do we own hanging when white people got hung too. Why do we own welfare? We only make up 19% more white people on welfare than black folks, why do black folks need to point a finger at white folks just because they are white when we should look at ourselves and realize maybe its not white folks but really black folks to blame

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