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    The First Lady and the mistress

    in History

    In this podcast we will look at the third president of the 20th century and his complicated life. We will look at President Woodrow Wilson and his complicated relationships with not only his first wife Ellen but also with Mrs Hulbert Peck a woman he met in Bermuda 1907

  • 00:57

    BRN 240: Something Other Than Something.

    in Current Events

    So once again we have access to the equipment and feel like producing some more of this here internet radio thingy.
    Sunday Night in the Metroplex brings you the btowntruth Radio Network in all it's btowntruthiness. Nooz,shoutouts,info,more cool tunes,and cornball attempts at humor. Because we can and it tends to piss off the local "cool" know the types. So,time to get LIVE LOCAL and LIUNA friendly with your guy btowntruth and all the friends that live in his head. THIS is THE btowntruth Radio Network.  

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    tun in

    in Current Events

    tune in

  • 00:26

    A Call for Progressives to Listen

    in Current Events

    - The goals of this show:
    - to further health, peace, ecology & talk about issues of the day
    - to be an advocate for God and the Bible 
    - to encourage Progressives to listen to Christians who are sincerely trying to follow God's will. 
    -to bring up the science, reason, peace that is with God, the Holy Spirit, and Jesus, and the history in the Bible (that includes considering Sumerian clay tablet writings)
    -to invite people to listen to the "Key Bible Readings Suggested by God" series on YouTube
    -to talk about issues of the day:
    -immune-boosting to overcome this novel coronavirus - YouTube video "Possible Help for COVID19" on "Eco Peace Vision" channel (and soon on "Eco Peace Christian - Linda" Channel)
    -a call for better video games & 12-yr old death and a 17 yr old attempted suicide related to the game Fortnight.
    -#BibleVersesforCOVID19 :  Revelation 18 - Store merchants are wailing
    -Jun A. - who has in the past facilitated Noetic Science fourm discussions - and continues on FB brought up a question today about the wide media perspective and differing perspectives.
    Season 4, Episode 15  - 5/16/2020  - 
    -leave comments at
    - check "Eco Peace Christian - Linda" YouTube channel for free readings of  part of the ebook Structuring Peace with God, Law, Science, and Education

  • 00:59

    The Ron Kelly Show

    in Current Events

    The man who filmed the Amhaud Arbery case plus all 50 states are in some phase of opening and Trump has confirmed his delusional state as he threatens to withhold aid from Democratic states and nearly 40 million Americans are out of work with probably many more than we actually know and all the other news.

  • 00:55

    !0 things to do to restart your business

    in News

    Smart things to do to grow your business

  • 00:59

    Kyle's Conversation

    in Current Events

    This Tuesday on the Conversation Gavin Newsom Worried About ‘Potential Third Waves’ of Coronavirus. I will get into this and my thoughts on this and something I feel coming.  Alfredo Ortiz & C.L. Gray: Coronavirus Provides Impetus to Bring Generic Drug Manufacturing Home.  Everything needs to come back to America and put America first.  Joe Biden Vows to Stop Keystone XL Pipeline ‘For Good’ If Elected.  So he wants us to depend on others for OIl not our own USA this is sad.  I believe Joe Biden would make jobs go back over sea's.  Pat Sajak Confronts Media Elites Who Tell Out of Work Americans to Stay Home. This is awesome and it is the truth nice to see the other side speak out.  Homeowner Who Shot, Killed Naked Intruder: ‘God Bless America and the 2nd Amendment.’  9mm is the best fix for Child pedophiles.  Hillary Clinton lumped in armed shutdown protesters with "domestic terrorism" following Michigan shutdown protests.  She can call me anything she wants Trump calls me an American.  Louisiana lawmakers advanced a pair of bills on Thursday that would significantly expand the state’s mmj program.  I will get into this and the movement that is sweeping the nation.  Also the EPL players want to get back to training and start this season back up to finish it.  This and much much more so join me for the Conversation you're apart of. 

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    smoke test 27 May

    in Current Events

    smoke test 27 May

  • 00:31

    Carnivore Radio - 5/15/20 Preparing to reopen the country

    in Current Events

    How can you prepare for the "new" normal when no one knows what that will look like? People need to adapt their mindsets and prepare for action. Carnivore Radio hosts Jeff Sherman and Eric Lopkin talk with life coach Fran Keough on how to adapt to the "new" normal.

  • 00:01

    The Sanctuary

    in Current Events


  • 00:23

    Uku Lubuka Neli Busha after 55 years of Independence

    in Current Events

    Over 55 years of independence because of Leadership failures we have finaly managed to turn around impindi and we have now bak into slavery conditions, selling our nation , being second class citizens by foreign entities!

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