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Progressive news & analysis from Florida and around the world Produced and Hosted by Jeanine Molloff Producer Emeritus Rick Spisak

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This week on PNN/EJR I will focus on corporate sponsored censorship. Story number one deals with the corporate perversion of the RICO laws.This month, peaceful activists protesting in the Stop Cop City movement were hit with RICO or racketeering charges and facing serious jail terms--for using their 1st amendment rights, while Trump is free facing 91 charges. In response to an emerging awareness of global climate devastation caused by fossil fuel and the industries bankrolling them, environmentalists are sueing corporations, pushing boycotts and divestment campaigns with some success, so the corporate law firms enabling fossil fuel devised a strategy using the RICO or racketeering laws against peacable activists. Environmentalists are using their constitutional rights to demand change. There is no racketeering in evidence, but corporate law firms have prevailed in their quest to criminalize protected constitutional rights. The other story will deal with book bans and yes--book burnings (at least on a symbolic level). I will discuss the ordeal of one teacher fighting censorship in the public schools as she pushes to teach the truth about systemic racism. This will be followed by the story of a gubernatorial candidate in Missouri, state senator and his colleague as they PLAY with--FLAME THROWERS. The flame throwers were aimed at a stack of allegedly empty boxes according to Mo. State Senators Bill Eigel & Nick Stroer--but the implied deadly threat was clear. Mainstream media focused on the idea they were burning books and Eigel's lame excuse that they were burning empty boxes--but ignored the clear stochastic terroristic threat hailing back to the days of Hitler's Third Reich. That's story number two. We will have another segment of My Little Margie, our favorite blonde Neanderthal and a very 'special' Jackass of the Week. Come join me. Jeanine

On-Demand Episodes

The much heralded Manchin-Schumer Reconciliation bill is a SCAM. The tax reforms which originally included the eradication of the 'carried interest loophole' (which allows the rich to hide their true wealth), has been tossed thanks to... more

Just this past week, former presidential candidate Andrew Yang (along with a bevy of corporate dems and republicans), announced the formation of a THIRD political party, aka the Forward Together Party. In a vapid op-ed, published in... more

This Sunday, I will discuss the blatant growth of Nazism in conservative ranks. It is evidenced in the ranks of our military and police nationwide. We witness it on school boards and the governor's mansion. It is rampant throughout the GOP.... more

This week, our Sunday show will discuss how anti-CRT (Critical Race Theory) laws constitute an unconstitutional attack on the 1st Amendment rights of students and teachers. I will feature a Texas school district that fired a beloved... more

This week on PNN, our founder Rick Spisak crafted an essay that will run. It will be illuminating as always. Next, I will discuss how the conservatives on the SCOTUS (Supreme Court) are once again targeting our rights. This time the... more

Today, the Supreme Court handed down a decision in W. Virginia v. EPA, which limits the authority of the EPA to regulate environmental toxins and other forms of pollution. This same 'pro-life' SCOTUS, has handed down a death penalty to the... more

First, our founder Rick Spisak has an interview with guest Professor Wendy Lee on the January 6th committee investigation and the involvement of the Proud Boys. Next, I will cover the foul decision handed down by Supreme... more

EJR is back! This week I will report how the very corporations responsible for trashing the planet, are suing governments globally in a desperate attempt to kill any meaningful climate justice law. Now, both the mainstream press, (and... more

Recently the world watched as 19 elementary school children were gunned down by a murderer with an assault weapon, while the police stood down and did nothing. Furthermore, police abused and attacked parents desperate to save... more

This Sunday, I will report on an alt-right group in Missouri known as Liberty Alliance. This group has released a 'Woke' Map, which targets specific schools and school districts in Missouri, which are believed to be indoctrinating... more

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