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Progressive news & analysis from Florida and around the world Produced and Hosted by Jeanine Molloff Producer Emeritus Rick Spisak

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Yesterday, President Biden gave a speech which was a call to reject the poison of white supremacy, of neo-Nazism. He spoke in Philadelphia, in front of Independence Hall. While calling out MAGA as the white supremacy it has always been, he refused to see what is obvious to communities of color, religious minorities, women, and LGBTQ persons, namely that the GOP of Trump has tolerated a steady march to Nazism. Period. Personally, I don't believe anyone should be granted a moral or ethical 'pass' for remaining silent in the face of injustice and bigotry. While I am glad that Presdient BIden gave this speech; it didn't go far enough. So, I'm going to speak to this psychological lapse on the part of the president. Come join me. Jeanine

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Brook Hines, Jeanine Molloff, and Rick Spisak.

This week is all about WATER, WATER, WATER. Erin Brockovich exposed unsafe water in parts of Louisiana which rivals the crisis in Flint, Michigan. Towns such as Sulphur and Shreveport, (both in Louisiana), have orange water flowing... more

Brook Hines — pandemic gets personal. Forcing low-wage and unsafe work by cutting off unemployment benefit is cruel and stupid (i.e. totally unsurprising for Republican Governors). SARS-CoV-2 origin: US funded gain of... more

This episode will speak to the way public relation firms subvert the true debate on climate change, and the corporate polluters who contributed most heavily to this looming global disaster. By deflecting the facts, public relation firms essentially... more

Greenpeace just released a report this week aptly titled : Dollars vs. Democracy: Companies and the Attack on Voting Rights and Peaceful Protest. This report details how large corporations are bankrolling the majority of anti-democracy... more

Poets of the East - We occaisionally focus on just one poet in a special episode, called Poet Showcase: This Episode features the Poet Corina Oproae - an amazing poet of Romanian heritage who has lived in Barcelona for many... more

POETS OF THE EAST - EPISODE 20 - We bring the remarkable Corina Oproae and the talented David Leo Sirois and Dan Bonsanti of Orchestra 14 The Serene the Sublime and the Synchopated Mircea Dan Duta Associate Producer and... more

This week on EJR, I will discuss how the EPA was de-fanged in 1995 by a GOP dominated Congress, when they allowed the "polluters pay" rule to expire. Most Americans still assume that the EPA can demand that those responsible for... more

Brook Hines with @mugrimm on his FDRvsBiden 100 days project Also, "How the Pentagon started taking UFOs seriously," in The New Yorker (really!) Jeanine Molloff with UN Rapporteur Marjorie Cohn on the new UN report on policing in... more

Poets of the East - Episode 19 Doctor Poets Cristina Draghici, Miruna Romanciuc and Amalia Cwermac Each we bring you talented poets of the east. This week Co-Host and Associate Producer Mircea Dan Duta has arranged to bring us... more