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Les Jensen

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To trust in the Vision of Your Soul, and bring your purpose into focus, creates a sense of Peace, Joy and Happiness. What is the Vision of Your Soul?

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Please join us and our guest, Stephanie Banks, for a show on How To Develop Your Own Ability To Increase Your Intuition. Stephanie is a highly sought-after intuitive channel, mentor and guide who helps people connect on the soul level. She channels from the perspective of any soul currently on the planet, souls on the other side, purely non-physical beings such as spirit guides, as well as trees, animals, and Gaia. Connection and communication are the common themes in all of Stephanie's professional endeavors as a speech-language pathologist, birth doula, lactation consultant, infant massage instructor, and intuitive channel. When her mother's dementia made verbal communication impossible, Stephanie found ways to communicate with her mother's soul. This was the beginning of her channeling journey. As a conscious channel, Stephanie is both the vessel to receive the messages as well as a guide to provide depth and context for the information coming through. She uses her keen sense of humor, love, and compassion to join her clients in their spiritual experience. Stephanie also mentors clients in discerning their own inner voice of wisdom, enhancing their confidence and self-trust, improving their relationships, clarifying their soul's purpose, and finding their laughter and joy. Author of the best-seller Joining Joanie – Staying Connected To Your Loved One Through Dementia And Beyond, Stephanie is currently completing her second book about her spiritual journey. In her TEDx talk, I Am an Intuitive Channel, she shares her unexpected experience with channeling and invites others to discover their own intuitive gifts. Learn more at soulinsight.com.
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