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Sitting Around Talking Movies

Sitting Around Talking Movies


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Neil Rosen and Bill McCuddy love to disagree about what they see in pop culture and they see hundreds of movies every year, so there's plenty for them to yell about. The New York based duo are seen nationally on Time Warner Cable's weekly series "Talking Pictures On Demand". They're joined each week Entertainment Correspondent for CBS Radio News Bill Bregoli. These guys hobnob at movie premieres, parties and industry panels. They'll recommend the movies you can watch right away at home as they sift through the myriad of VOD offerings. Join them and learn what to Demand and what to miss. "We watch the bad movies so you don't have to." Download to find out if these three movie, tv and pop culture critics ever agree on anything other than “Neil's the smart one."

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The superhero movies are taking a break and Fall is on the way. And this week we've got "Hustlers" which stars Constance Wu, Jennifer Lopez, Cardi B and Julia Stiles. It's based on a true story about a crew of savvy former strip club... more

Blame global warming or just hot air coming from Washington DC, but whatever the cause, the summer heat just won't stop this year. It's nuts, and that means there's nothing better than OPAC (Other People's Air Conditioning) And there's... more

There are back-to-school sales everywhere now and Hollywood has its own version. It's called "August." There are good movies and not so good movies too. And the TV, cable and streaming services are doing it as well. Luckily... more

It's one of the most anticipated movies of the year. It's also the latest from Quentin Tarantino. And it's here (and also 2 hours and 40 minutes long). "Once Upon a Time in Hollywood" has got an all-star ensemble cast including Leonardo... more

In real-life, lions scare most all the other jungle creatures and Disney's newest version of "The Lion King" has scared all the other studios. Which is why it's the only movie opening wide this week. And if you've seen the previews you... more

We're smack dab in the middle of the summer movie season and some pundits are saying things are pretty awful - at least compared to other summers. Are Franchises even holding up? What about original films? We take a look at... more

It's finally summer and already you may want to duck the heat or escape your family's barbecue by going to the movies for some OPAC (other people's air conditioning). And what a selection we have for you this week. First there's... more

"Toy Story 4" is here. Yes, it's the 4th. It's not only a movie, it's a cash cow. But is franchise fatique setting in? We'll let you know. And there's a new Adam Sandler movie too - It's on Netflix and its called "Murder Mystery" (no doubt yhey paid a... more

If there really is an "urban legend" out there it's "Shaft." The original was a gritty urban thriller with a wah-wah pedal sountrack that's unforgetable and starred Richard Roundtree. This new one stars Samuel L. Jackson and Jessie T. Usher... more

The latest and possibly last "X-Men" movie is out and it's called "Dark Phoenix." It stars Sophie Turner of "Game of Thrones" fame as Jean Grey and it continues this year's trend of killing off super heroes whose contracts have expired.... more