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Dr Eliezer Ben-Joseph

Natural Solutions Radio with Dr. Eliezer Ben-Joseph


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Natural Solutions Radio is the only place where you can catch natural health news, scientific peer-reviewed studies, and much more!!! Join us every Saturday at 10am (MST) as we delve into the world of Natural Medicine and listen to Dr. Ben-Joseph as he shares his world accredited knowledge on a vast reservoir of health topics. #naturalsolutionsradio #drbenjoseph #learntohealthyourself #primelongevity

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5 Foods that fight Cancer, depression & social media, true cost of drugs, cluster headache (horton's syndrome), food that contribute to headaches, stress & headaches, food & emotions, diabetes II, anti-inflammatory benefits and more

7 Foods to look young, reduce blood sugars and cholesterol, 4 signs of vitamin deficiency, mass dumbing down through water flouridation, chemicals in food, devitalization of foods, and Industry By-Products, Spirulina & Chlorella, Rayid, 9... more

Adolescent Brain Cignitive Study and how digital devices are chaning the Brain, kidney detox, copiaba vs cannabis CBD, anti-inflammatory oil, blk, cumin seed oil, CB1 & CB2 receptors, melissa & black pepper, pacreatic cancer questions,... more

Extended colds, Environment and Health, how to prevent, cure and the causes of Disease, Omega-3, Stress and Health, and much more, remember knowledge is power so Learn To Health Yourself with Eliezer Ben-Joseph.

12 Money making Diseases, who determines Health?, money making foods that cause disease, The Mind Diet what food to eat for Brain Health, maleluca(tea tree), EFT, tone deafness, removing fungus, far infrared, bamboo silica,... more

Social Media Depression & Addiction, GM cells, Pediatric Cancers, Vitamin D3 & Cancer, Cardiomyopathy, Linus Pauling, 10,000 Chemicals in Food & Packaging, Food risk intakes in Children, Benefits of Oils & Aromatherapy, Food In... more

Cellphone dangers, rats & radio radiation, staying healthy through good habits & healthy diets, Vitamin d3 & the Flu, Linus Pauling, Otto Warburg, The Gift of Health, Beets & Cancer, oxygen therapy, pregnant women precations with... more

Robots in Medicine, Detox through Breathing, Benefits of Prime Longevity, Seizures, Radiation vs Far Infrared, Pulmonary Fibrosis, Dementia, Healthy Fats, The Mind Diet, Flu Study tune in and "Be Safe" protect Yourself and... more

Vitamin C study, cold & flu, FDA foods & nutrients, George Orville talk about his book Chemical Warfare on America, flouride, aspartame, Chem trails, GMO's, pesticides, herbicides, hormone disruptors, boswellia, copaiba, chronic stress,... more

Vitamin D study, decrease arterial stiffness, lower blood pressure, alzheimers, fertility, deep vein thrombosis, kidney transplants, coranary heart disease, deficiency, bone mass, eye wash, parasites, Diatomaceous Earth, chemicals in... more