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Dr Eliezer Ben-Joseph

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Natural Solutions Radio is the only place where you can catch natural health news, scientific peer-reviewed studies, and much more!!! Join us every Saturday at 10am (MST) as we delve into the world of Natural Medicine and listen to Dr. Ben-Joseph as he shares his world accredited knowledge on a vast reservoir of health topics. #naturalsolutionsradio #drbenjoseph #learntohealthyourself #primelongevity

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China Health Study, Prime Longevity Benefits, Thyroid Cancer, Medical Cannabis Study, Boswellia Fights Cancer, Vitamin D3 Cuts Risk of Cancer & Diabetes, Suppressed Inventions that would change The World, Thermography, Ceylon... more

Top 6 GMO food that Infiltrate's the U.S. Food System, Energy Healing, GMO Foods & Disease Study, Toxicity in the System, Intelligence & Lifespan, Smelling Coffee Enhances Brain Function, Essential Oils for Depression &... more

Benefits of Prime Longevity,Vitamin D3 Cuts Cancer Risk by 75%, Lowering the Risk of Cancer, Ulcer Remedy, Seizure Protocol, Cholesterol Facts, Boosting Thyroid Function, Cardiac Arrest Awareness, Eczema & Psoriasis Protocol,... more

Pomegranate Fights 4 Types of Cancer, horseradish Benefits, Essential Oil Remedies, Bee Stings & Insect Bites, Gout Treatments, Gov. USDA Lists Every Food Known, Statin Drug Awareness, Digestive Enzymes, Silkworm Enzyme,... more

Medical Malpractice Deaths, Serrapeptase the Silkworm Enzyme, Dissolve Arterial Plaque, Reverse Osteoporosis, Gout, H Pylori Remedy, Hypothyroidism Protocol, Anti-Aging, Anti-Cancer, Anti-Inflammatory, How Stress Makes You Sick,... more

10 Organic Foods Mistakes, Hypothyroidism, Heart Health, Low Iodine in Children, Foods that Cause & Prevent Inflammation, Incontinence from Prostate Removal, Mineralize Cracked Teeth, Oil Pulling, Gingivitis Remedy, White Line... more

Vitamin D & It's History, What Beats Depression, Hypothyroidism, Blackseed Oil, Dog Owners & Cardiovascular Health, What Causes Heart Disease, Immunotherapy, Recall & Memory, Good Cholesterol, Statin Drugs & Muscle... more

Food & Fatigue, Food Allergies & Sensitivities, Tinnitus, Adrenal Fatigue, CBD & Cancer, Acid Reflux Remedy, Smartphone Addiction, Wintergreen Oil Pain Relief, Rosemary Enhances Memory, Remove Heavy Metals, Autism & Diet, Vaccines... more

5 Impossible Brain Functions, Rose Hip Neurons, Shaken Baby Syndrome, MMS Protocol, Chromium Polynicotinate, Fibrosis In The Heart, H-pylori Remedy, Quick Weight Loss?, Blood Pressure at 70Yrs. of Age, Longevity of Life Study and... more

IGG Test, 5 ways to Eliminate Stress, Low Testosterone Remedies, Gout Pain Relief, Iron Deficiency Anemia, Foods that Detoxify, Olive Oil Benefits, Tap Water Contaminants, Essential Oils for Healthy Hair, Carpal Tunnel, Whole Body... more