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Pole Shift

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Jon David Miller

Jon David Miller


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There is clear evidence of periodic polar switches, when the Earth or its surface flips on its axis. Massive destruction is thought to occur during a pole shift. Serious scientists believe we are very near a pole change event.

There are warnings in ancient art and literature about other large bodies in our solar system that come near Earth on a long cycle. "Planet X" is one term that has been used to refer to this.

There are numerous signs in the last few years of potential earth changes and danger developing. The number of fireballs and loud sounds, like booms and sirens, has increased and continues to do so dramatically.

Earthquakes, storms, floods, tornadoes and hurricanes are greater in intensity. Sprites, lightening bolts that shoot up from the ground, have been zapping in some areas. Volcanic activity has ramped up, including under the ocean, a major contributor to ocean warming and coral death. Increased solar luminosity and heat is another warming factor.

Extra food and other supplies as well as a support community would be critical if power, businesses and/or infrastructure are knocked out of operation.

Please visit SurviveTheChanges.com for details on many of the changes we are facing and how to be prepared, ReallyWell.com for outstanding natural health information and products, TICKtricks.com for more on the cabal trying to control us all, and HolisticReality.com for the philosophy of natural holism and the archives of this program.