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Tricked Big Time!

  • Broadcast in Self Help
Jon David Miller

Jon David Miller


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How have we been tricked? Let us count the ways. Or is even that a trick of distraction? Not only do we need to identify how we are being tricked, we need to figure out how to end that and fix what the tricks have done to us.

The Transnational Interlocking Corporate Kingdom (TICK) has been thorough in developing its multiple bags of tricks over the centuries. As technologies have developed, the hidden powers have confiscated many of them and used them against the ignorant rest of us very effectively.

Aware researchers have been uncovering all this for you, but we need to get many more people to understand the situation, and undertake a coordinated effort to fix the tricks.

The first priority is to stop the poisoning of us all, and engage a natural health education program of detoxification, nutrition, relaxation and exercise. A restoration of realty economics based on real value for value is needed. The disinformation, mass surveillance, tracking, false flags, psy ops and other unnecessary activities must be revealed and ended. There is much to do.

Please visit SurviveTheChanges.com for details on many of the challenges we are facing and how to be prepared, ReallyWell.com for outstanding natural health information and products, Waterus.com for pure water fit to drink, TICKtricks.com for more about the cabal, and HolisticReality.com for more on the philosophy of natural holism and the archives of this program.