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Psychological Programming

  • Broadcast in Self Help
Jon David Miller

Jon David Miller


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For most of us, what we think is reality is actually false, an artificial combination of myth, propaganda and “psy op“, hypnotically accepted due to programming, drugging, normalcy bias, and confirmation bias.

The hypnotic false reality most of us are presently living in is the result of the most elaborate set of "psy ops" in known human history. Are we psychologically and physically prepared for the unfolding technocracy?

Disturbance, struggle and war have been the common experience of humanity for centuries due to separation thinking and the power control and financial interests of the Transnational Interlocking Corporate Kingdom...

To uncover true reality takes dedication, awareness, intelligence, freedom, courage, research, caring and love. A transformation is occurring among those willing to learning about this elaborate game, then work together to protect ourselves and learn how to respond to free ourselves from these control systems.

Please visit SurviveTheChanges.com for details on many of the challenges we are facing and how to be prepared, ReallyWell.com for outstanding natural health information and products, Waterus.com for pure water fit to drink, TICKtricks.com for more about the cabal, and HolisticReality.com for more on the philosophy of natural holism and the archives of this program.