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Eating for Health

  • Broadcast in Self Help
Jon David Miller

Jon David Miller


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Why do you eat? Because it's mealtime on the clock or because you are hungry? What do you eat? The items you were raised to think you should eat, or the foods, snacks and beverages that taste good to you?

How much of the population is stuck in the "balanced meal" notion of meat, potatoes, bread, a cooked vegetable, a small side salad, milk, coffee, soft drink and/or alcohol, and maybe dessert, also celebrating or consoling themselves with sweet or salty snacks and treats?

Too much fat, too much starch and sugar, too much protein, and too much cooking! Deficient soils, low nutrition crops, processed food products with sugar and additives, applying fire to most foods, overeating, poor food combining, and poor digestion -- no wonder nutritional deficiency and degenerative diseaese are epidemic.

I suggest eating primarily fruits, vegetables, seeds, nuts and sprouts, going light on animal source proteins and fats, as well as grains, legumes, nightshades and especially refined carbohydrates. Add tumeric and/or cinammon when appropropriate for antioxidants, and a little Himalayan or Celtic salt for minerals.

Super foods like Northern Edge organic milled flax seed, Delicious Greens with 8000 ORAC units of antioxidants per serving, organic spirulina, flower pollen extract and herbs, are very important to be added to the diet for the minerals and phytonutrient compounds they provide. Please visit ReallyWell.com.