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Jon David Miller

Holistic Reality Radio ~ “holistic reality and natural health”


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Information and insights on holistic reality, natural health, well-being, holistic healing, issues of concern and the philosophy of natural holism. Topics include detoxification, improved mental clarity, holistic analysis of society, world affairs, alternatives, cooperation, preparedness, survival and expanding awareness for creative living. With Jon David Miller, M.A., M. Div., holistic natural health pioneer, social scientist, philosopher, educator, musician, poet and author.

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At lunch with a dozen former classmates a while back, I was the only one not taking any pharma medicine. Nearly 2/3 of the U.S. population is on some type of routine chemical meds that suppress or redirect symptoms yet do not correct... more

Are the world around us, its history and the plans for its future really as we assume? Some of the most important knowledge for a successful, enjoyable life was left out of our education by design. What you don't know can hurt you! For... more

Conventional thinking focuses on the ?balanced diet? food groups of proteins, dairy, grains, fruits and vegetables. Few people have been well taught in their upbringing about even this degree of consideration about what to eat. Chemical... more

Are you aware that we are living under a massive fraud system? Much of we think and do has been effected by a longstanding network of hidden fraudsters and manipulators. We need to learn about this and get to work to change things for... more

Summertime fun can be accompanied by health problems including: sunburn, eye strain, overheating, dehydration, allergies, poison ivy, bug bites, stings, pricks, scrapes, cuts, burns, animal bites and even broken bones. Have first aid... more

What normalcy bias and false assumptions that we hold may be causing us to have a distorted view of the world and to remain distracted and ignorant? Each of us has likely spent an extended amount of time and energy restricting, even... more

The meteors are coming. Their dust is already here! Will we be playing deadly dodge ball with them before long? The periodic Beta Taurids meteor shower is arriving. Normally displaying some nice, non-threatening shooting stars, with this... more

To be healthy in unhealthy times depends on learning and pursuing good natural health practices. The epidemic of degenerative diseases is due to poor nutrition, public poisons, stress, EMFs, and intended ignorance. Diseases are all forms of... more

The creative process is very important for improvement of our lives and our world. The employment of awareness, imagination, planning, organizing and action to express creativity is needed for renewal of health and intelligence, revising... more

Herbs have helped people improve health for millennia. Herbal products, including proven combinations, have been used for thousands of years for cleansing, nutrition and correction of health problems. By contrast, synthetic chemical... more