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Jonathon Miller

ReallyWell Radio ~ “natural health and greater wisdom for being really well”


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Information and insights on natural health, well-being, holistic healing, issues of concern, holistic analysis of society, world affairs, alternatives, preparedness, survival and greater wisdom. Home of the philosophy of greater wisdom: restoring natural health, clarifying reality and expanding awareness for creative living. With Jonathon Miller, M.A., M. Div., holistic practitioner, philosopher, analyst, educator, musician, poet and author.

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The philosophy of greater wisdom represents the verities of holistic natural reality, shared awareness and the power of love. The intent is making it better for creative living by improving intelligence and well-being, clarifying awareness,... more

The concept of ?holistic health? or ?holistic healing? blossomed in the 1970's. Greater understanding of the effect of mental and emotional states on physical health and vice versa was explored along with natural foods, spiritual... more

Our lives are contaminated by a wide range of public poisons. If the officials were really concerned about our health, they would at least let us know about all these poisons, since they are not preventing them. City water with chlorine and... more

If you want to be really well, it is wise to avoid subjecting your health to conventional thinking and treatment. Commercial food products and public poisons are unhealthy, and the medical assumptions and protocols we are... more

The economic reality is that the U.S. economy has never fully recovered since the sub-prime mortgage crisis and the crash of 2008. The tweaked numbers and claimed recovery are overblown. Many jobs have moved overseas. ¼ of... more

Our health is being undermined by modern day electronic conveniences. Use of these devices our population has become so dependent on has been linked to reducing intelligence, increasing various stress-related ailments and shortening... more

It is wise to be prepared for a time of economic disruption and shortages of supplies. Among the greater threats is the possibility of a power shut-down by EMP. Restoring of needed supplies would stop, with no pumping of fuel for... more

During this period in human life we are experiencing a time of major crisis. The major issues we are facing are: economic collapse, genetic modification, electromagnetic frequencies, electromagnetic pulse, geo-engineering, earth... more

What liquids are you consuming regularly? Except in the case of pure fruit and vegetable juices and milk, most beverages and soups are made with added water. What is the quality of that water? Pesticides, herbicides, industrial wastes,... more

What is going on in the world seems somewhat confusing to those who pay attention to it that can still think to some degree. The most important knowledge for a successful, enjoyable, healthy life has been left out of our education by... more