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MTG Modern Domain is your one stop pod-shop for discussing the Constructed Modern format.

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Bob and Dave take a look at Battle for Zendikar and ponder all the questions you have for what the set means for Modern. Will Modern care? Is it fair U/W Control got hooked up while red settles for a hobo's fingerless gloves? Tune in to... more

Eloy and David look at the rest of the tribes in the second part of our spoiler discussion over Khans of Tarkir and whether the Jeskai, Sultai, Mardu, or Temur can slot into some of the established Modern heavyweights. Either by aiding or... more

Eloy and David continue to work on the sound quality of our dixie cups, but still can't be bothered while there's so much Magic on the horizon. Today we look at the multicolored cards from the new set, and talk about if any of the... more

Eloy and David are serious about working out the sound issues, but we couldn't wait to talk about PAX and the spoilers that included the Onslaught fetchlands. Will this change Modern as we know it? What decks get a boost? What... more

Eloy and David are back at it again, telling you nothing insightful or extraordinary about Magic the Gathering. But today we try to talk about Vengevine, its history, and where it can possible go in the world of Modern, where it has... more

Modern continues to be the eternal format of limited choice. What's going on in the format? Are things changing? Should be expect them to stay the same? Eloy and David are back to pretend to know what they're talking about, even though... more

Eloy and David talk about how Modern can possibly become more affordable, and what Wizards can do to make sure new players are contantly being introduced to one of the most vibrant formats in the game. Also, we start today's... more

Brian Liu wins the biggest Modern and Constructed tournament in history (thus far) by beating a field of Pod, Affinity, and Pod. Well...and Twin. Can anything stop Pod other than Pod? What about the rest of the field? Why is... more

Lee Shi-Tian's Blue Moon deck was the breakout star of the Modern Pro Tour in Valencia. The question everyone should be asking is: is it well positioned in the Modern format? How well is it set up to fight Splinter Twin, Melira Pod, UWR... more

Canada once again wins big this weekend. First the Olympics and hockey, now mages and faeries. What can't Canada dominate lately? So Shaun McClaren wins big with UWR control. And he does in a meta that was basically Splinter Twin,... more