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I thought about bringing this topic up again especially because the last time I have done this topic was about 2 years ago. Because of this time gap, my thoughts might be different this time and I have learned and experienced much... more

Women, we need to learn to have respect for ourselves. Keep in mind I said "we" and not "you" because this goes for myself as well. Self respect is not something we are born with and many of us learn it in different ways and time lengths.... more

We will be talking with Jemal from a company called WakeUpNow. With this economy and so many living off the next paycheck, many of us are in need of extra finances. He will be on the show to share some insight on... more

Many individuals have this illusion that the person they are involved with in various ways is their friend. They receive phone calls, visits, and more so they feel that there is a genuine friendship. The sad part is that there are usually no... more

Are you having trouble with your hair? Do you feel frustrated that you are experiencing breakage or other common hair issues we all try to avoid? Well, we have Nadege from Relaxed Hair Health coming on the show to share some tips... more

All of us have demons we are trying to fight, but some of us are having a hard time doing so. This is the month of "healing" so I felt it was a good topic to bring up because I have found there are many people out there who are really... more

We all have things that we know we should stay away from. Everyone is diff in temptation because what tempts one person might not even pahse another. I watched a video from "Amazing Facts" and I thought it was interesting to share... more

A lot of people are having sex nowadays because (1) it feels good and pleasure is everything these days and (2) less people are caring as much. I'm not coming here to preach to anyone because I'm not perfect and even virgns... more

How can you be happy? Are you truly happy or do you just think you are happy? I believe that happiness is a life long process, but we all can get to a point even at a young age where we love who we are and we are comfortable in our skin.... more

A lot of the time I hear men say, "I hate being the good guy who always gets screwed over for the bad guy". I used to also feel this way as a female, but not anymore. Neither sexes should change themselves to make someone else... more
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