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Hey Freaks, Its season 6. Mr E the Stranger will punish you just the way that you like it. Joined by August, Psycho Dave, & the rest of the gang, Mr E will bring the goods just like you have come to expect. Blending reality, comedy, smut, and science has been the formula for win over the years on Strange Visitors. Join us on webcam during the broadcast. On second thought. do not listen, run for your lives.. “I love you all, now go eat shit and die in a fire” Todd Anderson / Mr E

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Tonight we talk about the wholesale slaughter of ideals, fear, control, ego, and reality. Fancy Monkeys. UFO news at the top of the 2nd hr from www.ufocasebook.com Join us on webcam at www.strangevisitors.net

Do you belong to a contactee support group, network, or club? Join Mr. E, Monarca, Aug, and the rest of the gang as we talk about how to make big brother your bitch. UFO news at the top of the 2nd hr from www.ufocasebook.com... more

Too many topics to list. Stanton Friedman www.stantonfriedman.com and Bill Birnes www.ufomag.com talk about UFOs, coverups, gov agendas, the truth about Aliens, and much more. Mr E and the usuals will be openly discussing these... more

This show will grow on you... its part of my deal with the devil lol. Open lines tonight so call in freaks! 714-816-4778 UFO Case Book News at the top of the 2nd hour from www.ufocasebook.com on web cam at www.strangevisitors.net

Trevor's is the story of genuine experiences of the Supernatural including ghosts, UFO's, MIB's, Pre-Cognition and metaphysical encounters throughout the life of Trevor and the conclusions he has come to in an attempt to answer the... more

Just listen. Dingbat!

Tonights guests Stanton Friedman www.stantonfriedman.com , Bill Birnes www.ufomag.com , and Billy Booth www.ufocasebook.com Join Mr E as we talk about UFO Investigations. Doing the research, separating fact from fiction,... more

Tonight we talk about Black Projects and secret places. UFO news at the top of the 2nd hr from www.ufocasebook.com Watch us or join us on webcam at www.strangevisitors.net Listen by phone or join the talk at 714-816-4778

What Happened? Been there Done that! Believe what I'm telling you! Join Mr. E, Monarca, and the rest of the gang as we talk about the phenomena of lost time, déjà vu, and precognition.UFO case book news at the top of the... more

Man-made DNA has booted up a cell for the first time. In a feat that is the culmination of two and a half years of tests and adjustments, researchers at the J. Craig Venter Institute inserted artificial genetic material — chemically... more
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