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  • 01:19

    To Protect and to Serve: Religion in Law Enforcement

    in Atheism

    When taxpayer-funded police departments put "In God We Trust" decals on their vehicles, is this illegal? And what are some other demonstrations of religiosity within law enforcement?
    We speak to current and former police officers about this controversial topic.
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  • 01:39

    Why ______ Lost Survivor 35 with David Bloomberg & Jessica Lewis | Episode 10/11

    in Television

    David Bloomberg & Jessica Lewis on Why the Latest Player Lost Survivor Heroes v Healers v Hustlers
    Each week this season on our Survivor Podcast, David Bloomberg & Jessica Lewis will talk about why each voted out player "lost the game". For more on David's rules of what David's Survivor rules are, listen to our "What Hero, Healer, and Hustler Survivors Should Have Learned".
    This week, David Bloomberg & Jessica Lewis talk about the reasons why John Paul "JP" Hilsabeck and Joe Mena lost in Survivor Heroes v Healers v Hustlers.
    Joe and JP were two very different people who played very different games. But when it comes down to it, were they voted out for similar reasons? And were those reasons the correct ones? David and Jessica look into how all their interactions with other players set them up to get voted out back to back in the double episode as they explain Why Joe and JP Lost.
    To review the short version of David's Rules, here is the quick version:
    Rule 1: Scheme and Plot
    Rule 2: But Don’t Scheme and Plot Too Much/Keep Your Scheming Secret/Don’t Backstab Until You Absolutely Need To
    Rule 3: Be Flexible!
    Rule 4: Don’t Let Your Emotions Control You
    Rule 5: Pretend To Be Nice/Play the Social Game (and Keep Your Politics and Controversial Beliefs To Yourself)
    Rule 6: Don’t Be Too Much of a Threat
    Rule 7: Know How to Deal with Idols and Advantages
    Appendix A: Make Your Votes Count – Keep in Mind Your End Goal
    Appendix B: The Jury Phase
    Join us again next week when we discuss the next player voted out of the game.

  • 01:44

    Survivor 35 | LFC Survivor Catch-up

    in Movies

    The LFC get caught up on this season of Survivor.

  • 02:47

    2018, Preparing for an Historic Year: Bill Federer, Steve Quayle & Bob Griswold

    in News

    7:00pm  News: Doug and Joe Hagmann
    8:00pm: Bill Federer, Author "American Minute"
    9:00pm: Steve Quayle w/ Bob Griswold, proper prepping
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  • 01:22


    in Comedy

    Jade doesn't hate Oprah anymore. 
    Artist of the Week: Soundcloud.com/Jeffuhz
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  • 01:19

    The Taran Show 21 | Josh Martinez

    in Movies

    Josh Martinez, winner of Big Brother 19, talks with Taran about family, speaking your mind, finding the good in people, and where to get donuts in Philly.

  • 00:30

    Fast Forward -- The Sentient Enterprise

    in Technology

    How can businesses stay agile and competitive in the face of massive data volumes, exponentially increasing complexity, and the growing need for real-time answers, decisions, and responses? In his new book The Sentient Enterprise, technologist and visionary Oliver Ratzesberger, along with co-author Mohanbir Sawhney, outlines a revolutionary methodology for aligning data, systems, and people within the organization to make agility and decision-making scalable commodities.
    In this edition of FastForward, Oliver provides an overview of this methodology and explains why a new approach is so needed for businesses today.
    Why “Sentient?”
    The core understanding the new model begins with some very simple observations. An enterprise is made up of people. Each individual within the organization is a sentient being. As humans we share in some common behaviors and tendencies: we listen; we think; we interact, we learn. These traits are critical to business success, and yet they are enormously difficult to scale. They do not transfer easily from the individual to the group.
    “The problem is that the more of us you put together in a company, the less we do those things,” says Oliver.
    In other words, an enterprise made up of hundreds or thousands of sentient beings fundamentally lacks the ability to listen, to think, and to make decisions. It is quite a paradox.
    Real-World Results
    In the podcast, Oliver cites several diverse examples of companies already achieving success with the Sentient Enterprise methodology, including Volvo, Blizzard Entertainment, and the San Francisco Giants. And he predicts that there are many more such stories to come.
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  • 00:41

    The Brabant Killers (Part Four: Theories & Suspects I)

    in Entertainment

    On November 9th, 1985, the Brabant Killers struck for the last time. This attack - which was the bloodiest yet - resulted in eight people dead, seven others injured, and a criminal investigation that was plagued from the very beginning. 
    The Brabant Killers happened to attack in the middle of a very tumultuous time for Belgium. Terrorist organizations were rising up during that time period, from different sides of the political spectrum. The Westland New Post were right-wing extremists, lead by Paul Latinus and Michel Libert... Latinus would commit suicide mysteriously in the early days of 1984, and Libert would be officially questioned by police for Brabant involvement as recently as 2014. Meanwhile, the left-leaning Communist Combatant Cells - who had bombed various targets through 1984 and 1985 - were led by a man named Pierre Carette, who would find himself behind bars at the same time the Brabant attacks ended.
    As the investigation proceeded, officials began to suspect police involvement. Soon, after the mysterious murder of Juan Mendez in 1986, they found themselves on the heels of two men named Madani Bouhouche and Robert Beijer... both of whom have been suspected as Brabant Killer suspects ever since. 
    Part four of five.
    Written, hosted, and produced by Micheal Whelan
    Music by Tyson Nordgren
    Learn more about the podcast at unresolved.me
    Music Credits
    Delicasession - "Horizon"
    Blue Dot Sessions - "Olivia Wraithe"
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  • 01:50

    Yousef Awyan: Megalithic Lords of Ancient Egypt

    in History

    Yousef Abd’el Hakim Awyan |Khemit School Co-Director, Researcher, Speaker, Stone Mason, Artist, and Musician 
    Yousef Awyan was born, raised and still resides at his family’s home in Nazlet el Saman, which lies just a few meters from the Sphinx Entrance to the Giza Plateau. Yousef grew up listening avidly to his father, Abd’El Hakim Awyan, talk about the secrets and mysteries of ancient Khemit (Egypt). Sharing his passion, he honors his father’s memory by continuing to share his wealth of knowledge and wisdom. He is devoted to revealing, researching and teaching the amazing truths of Egypt’s and our collective heritage.
    Yousef met and married his wife, Patricia in 2008, and together they created The Khemit School of Ancient Mysticism as an open forum to share the teachings of Hakim, and to continue on with the exploration and research of the ancient mysteries, both on and off the sites. Yousef divides his time between carving sculptures, creating and playing music, and interacting with visitors from all over the world. Yousef and Patricia host several tours each year as a venue to share this knowledge, assisting people to broaden their vision of the history of Egypt, and citing the evidence of the superior intelligence, spirituality and technologies of the people who once inhabited ancient Khemit.
    Yousef reads and interprets the hieroglyphs, symbols and images found in Egypt, from a unique perspective as taught to him by his father, as well as through his own research and continual study. He is a gifted artist, sculptor and musician. As an accomplished musician, Yousef’s keen ear for sound frequencies and pitch, enable him to tune in and find the resonant “tones” at many of the sacred areas and chambers found at the monuments and temples throughout Egypt.

  • 01:16

    Dr. Bob Davis - The Intersection of UFOs, Alien Abduction and Life After Death

    in Paranormal

    Dr. Robert Davis, an internationally recognized scientist, graduated with a PhD in sensory neurosciences from Ohio State University and served as a professor for over thirty years. He has published over forty articles in scholarly journals and lectured at national and international conferences. His research into the UFO phenomenon convinced him that the phenomenon remains unresolved, is a source of considerable debate among millions worldwide, and is a very important concern unfortunately ignored by mainstream science.  Dr. Davis serves as a member of the Board of Directors and Research Team of the Dr. Edgar Mitchell Foundation for Research into Extraterrestrial Encounters (FREE).  The FREE was established to provide a scientific exploration of the relationship between advanced physics and the UFO phenomenon.
    Dr. Davis has written a book on the UFO phenomenon, entitled The UFO Phenomenon: Should I Believe?. His latest book: Life after Death: An Analysis of the Evidence, by Schiffer Publishing was recently released. In this episode we discuss FREE's latest findings and the connection between abduction research, life after death and all of the phenomena in-between.
    For more information about Dr. Bob Davis, visit: theufophenomenon.com.
    His books can be found at Amazon.com.
    For more information about FREE, visit: www.experiencer.org.

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    AngryFansRadio LIVE!

    in Hip Hop Music