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    ???????????? ???? ?????? ?????????? ?? With Gavin Johns and Ron Claydon

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    ???????????? ???? ?????? ?????????? Unleashing the Inspirational Journey of Perseverance & Overcoming Obstacles!Tune in for an extraordinary radio show, "Rising to the Major," where we take you on a rollercoaster ride of triumphs and determination! Join us as we delve into the awe-inspiring stories of individuals who refused to let anything stand in the way of their dreams of making it to the major league.Embrace the power of perseverance as we share tales of resilience, passion, and the unwavering pursuit of greatness. Get ready to be motivated, inspired, and uplifted by the tales of these incredible individuals who faced obstacles head-on and reached the pinnacle of success.Engage with us and our special guests who will shed light on the secrets to overcoming challenges, maintaining focus, and nurturing an unyielding spirit. Learn how to stay determined, even when the odds seem insurmountable.Don't miss this incredible opportunity to witness the unwavering dedication and grit that fueled these awe-inspiring journeys! Set your reminder and join us for "Rising to the Major" on Mondays 8:00 PM EST

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    Are you enjoying your job or career?

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    Are you super happy with your job or career choice? Are you where you pictured you would be? Are you staying at a job because of the money or benefits package? What would make you excel at a career? 

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    Inspired by "The Power of Now" With his bestselling spiritual guide "The Power of Now," Eckhart Tolle inspired millions of readers to discover the freedom and joy of a life lived ?in the now.? In "A New Earth," Tolle expands on these powerful ideas to show how transcending our ego-based state of consciousness is not only essential to personal happiness, but also the key to ending conflict and suffering throughout the world. Tolle describes how our attachment to the ego creates the dysfunction that leads to anger, jealousy, and unhappiness, and shows readers how to awaken to a new state of consciousness and follow the path to a truly fulfilling existence. "The Power of Now" was a question-and-answer handbook. "A New Earth" has been written as a traditional narrative, offering anecdotes and philosophies in a way that is accessible to all. Illuminating, enlightening, and uplifting, "A New Earth" is a profoundly spiritual manifesto for a better way of life and for building a better world.  
    And many others.

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    Finding Balance

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    A podcast where we talk about issues people expect women to be very taboo about from the black woman's perspective. Complex Angel and Queen K show you how a sisterhood is supposed to be.

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    Selfless Love Talk - Host Chanel Budd

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    Tune in for a special episode with  Host Chanel Budd as Chanel share's great news on the newly founded nonprofit Selfless Love & Active Beat.  In honor of her late Husband Alvin Budd Sr. Chanel's mission is to create resources, community support and education for transplant recipients, caregivers and to acknowledge the importance of donors.  

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    Mr Victor Johnson Author of Pathway to Wealth #45

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    Mr Victor Johnson Author of Pathway to Wealth #45@5:00pm EST