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Money Ripples Podcast

Money Ripples Podcast


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Financial freedom is the ultimate goal of all who work hard to earn money, whether in the corporate world or in entrepreneurship. Your retirement years are closer than you think, so you want to build your wealth as early as possible to secure a financially comfortable future. Many turn to professional advisers for this, but at the end of the day, these people are just salespeople. Their traditional advice will never get you to the goal you want. They will simply sell you siloed tactics that are too good to be true, impossible to emulate, or only work for the rich. What you should be doing is becoming your own boss and investing money in passive investments. Welcome to Money Ripples with Chris Miles. This show is your trusted guide in escaping the draining responsibility of working more than 40 hours a week and finally quit your 9-5 job. In this show, Chris breaks down how to start a passive source of income in the easiest ways. Discover the power of making your cash do the hard work for you. Increase your profits when you go after other money-making ventures, or even while you sleep! Win big through this strategy and unlock the incredible opportunity of making active work optional. Two decades later with more than 900 clients, Chris knows that cash-flowing assets are the way to becoming financially free. He was able to retire at 28 years old and is now teaching individuals and businesses about building wealth quickly and safely. Through his company Money Ripples, Chris exposes popular myths and presents an effective framework for passively achieving financial prosperity. Chris invites you to take action right now. Secure that first good investment and financial growth will manifest one deal at a time. Start living the life by investing passively today! Listen to Money Ripples with Chris Miles at https://moneyripples.com/blog/.

On-Demand Episodes

LINK TO COURSE: https://thebnbmasterclass.com/kickstart-course?fpr=ripples Have you ever considered investing in short term rentals, like AirBnb? Is now a good time to start that kind of business? Did you know that there is a way where... more

Isn't it about time someone put traditional retirement plans on trial? Where's the proof that mutual funds actually create financial freedom? Wouldn't there be witnesses? Chris Miles digs into the reality of what it takes to retire with mutual... more

Today's guest shares a fascinating and inspiring story of going from waitress to real estate rockstar. Joining Chris Miles in this episode is Dwan Bent-Twyford, affectionately known as the ?Queen of Short Sales®.? Dawn is the... more

For Americans, a 401k is the go-to for retirement savings. But has it worked? Do you really get a 50-100% return from your employer's match? Is a 401k a big hoax? Is there something better? Chris Miles digs into the math and the myth... more

There is no doubt that we live in a stressful world. We are humans, and that is something we have to accept. We can't have pure rainbows and butterflies, but we can learn how to adapt, adjust, and recreate our fate. What can we do to... more

Are 529 plans in trouble? If so, what can you do about it? Did you know that retirement accounts alone lost an estimated $3.4 trillion in the first half of 2022? What happens if the market drops while you're trying to save for college? Could... more

Many people are searching for ways to escape the rat race. They want to retire early, enjoy their hobbies, and live a life of leisure. One popular option is real estate investing. When done right, you can retire much sooner than you ever... more

Have you ever wondered what your purpose in life is? What are you here on this planet to do? What's the difference between the purpose OF your life, and the purpose IN your life? In this episode, Chris will address how to identify your gifts... more

How do you take control of your high-return alternative investments? How can you have more accountability for your passive income streams to get greater returns? Here to share their wisdom on the matter is Whitney Elkins-Hutten. Whitney... more

Do you need infinite banking to achieve financial freedom? The simple answer is no. There are other ways to achieve and earn money without it, but that doesn't mean it won't help. In this episode, Chris Miles shares the different ways you... more

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