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The Chris Miles Money Show

The Chris Miles Money Show


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Chris Miles, the Cash Flow Expert and THE financial advocate for entrepreneurs. Learn how to get your money & biz working for you so you don't work so hard for money!

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We all know debt can be dangerous. But we also know it's virtually impossible to only save our way to wealth. So how is it possible to use debt wisely to create wealth? How can you increase your returns using the bank's money? In this... more

What's the one emotion of scarcity that sometimes gets overlooked? Greed! How can you prevent yourself from falling in this trap? And how can you prosper with others where EVERYONE wins? In this episode, Cash Flow Expert, Chris Miles,... more

How can you create an irresistible offer that makes selling...not seem like selling? Like the Godfather, how can you make an offer that they can't refuse? That is exactly what Lisa Sasevich "The Queen of Sales Conversion" shares with us... more

Are you motivated by money, or something more? What's the difference? Can you be mission driven, and still seek money? In this episode, Cash Flow Expert, Chris Miles, dives deeper into finding the right motivation to HAVE BOTH. Also,... more

Has fear ever paralyzed you, whether it be in your business, money, marriage, etc? How do you stop the fear from happening? And how to you overcome that fear? In this episode, I'm going to open up about my life and my fears, and how... more

What do you do when your income increases dramatically, or get a large sum of money? How can you be sure you are wise with it? Join Cash Flow Expert and "Anti-Financial Advisor," Chris Miles, as he teaches you what you need to do... more

What debate do I get from so many employees? How is it possible, OR EVEN LIKELY, that real estate investing can beat your 401k, even WITH an employer match? I'm going to settle this debate once and for all! Tune in now! Chris Miles... more

Flowers and chocolates can be nice. I know my wife likes them from time to time. But do you know what REALLY made her feel good? Communicating about our money, and knowing that things are financially secure. In this episode, I'm going... more

What is the difference between being a gambler, and being an investor? How would that apply strategies, like Bitcoin? One of these can make you rich, and the other will have you chasing money. Join Cash Flow Expert and Anti-Financial... more

What is one piece of advice I can share with you that has allowed me to continue to have amazing results in my life, including working part-time, making hundreds of thousands a year? It's this! Join me on this episode, where I teach that... more