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Repudiate Treasonous Corporate Government & Godless Society

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The Virginia Militia

The Virginia Militia


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The initial action taken by any of the people of God is to repudiate all current corporate governments and the rejection of the Godless society they create.  Repudiate (verb)- refuse to accept or be associated with. deny the truth or validity of.  (Law)- refuse to fulfill or discharge  The religion of the people of God requires the repudiation of the current Governments of the world led by a Khazarian "imposter" Jeiwsh organized crime syndicate.In the bible this criminal mob is described as the Synagogue of Satan.Not only do we repudiate the Satanic status quo we further claim our God given Dominion over over the fish of the sea, and over the fowl of the air, and over the cattle, and over all the earth, and over every creeping thing that creepeth upon the earth. Because of this we are rquired to abolish abolition.1: the act of officially ending or stopping something the current usury based Government Corporations and smite their leaders waging war against God's creation including the People of God who posses the divine right to reign.The masses of persons on planet earth prove that they are amoral, idiotic, and feckless.Their destruction of the planet, torture of animals, abuse of the weak, and their love of the adversary of God verifies the need for the people of God to reject them in every way.  The Khazarian Mob and their allies of all ethnic bloodlines publicize their plans and abilities to carry out mass murder against the majority of life on earth.  e.g. agenda 21, the Georgia Guidestones, Nuclear weapons, Biological & Germ weapons stockpiles and much more.We shall discuss our ancestors conquering of the Khazarian imposter Jews their strategy is the path forward and the only way to save the planet and restore a life worth living for all God's creatures. King Edward I Edict of Expulsion saved his realm from the shackles of usury. The Kievan Rus conquering of the Khazars.