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The Virginia Militia

Militia Intelligence Report


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The "Militia Intelligence Report" brings you the latest news and intelligence analysis that others will not. Host includes a man called Chris Dorsey. Co hosts are David Dauterive and Clifford Eberhardt. The latest news of the week and lawful restoration of the constitution for USA, from our European Common Law, is discussed. The report also goes deep into conspiratorial events and history not talked about on any other programs. The report actively fights the triad of The International ONE WORLD GOVERNMENT (UN), The Central Banks,and the Vatican. Chris Dorsey of the Virginia Militia has been a member of the Virginia Democratic Party,and ran for Richmond Sheriff in 2013. Chris has appeared on Press TV news, many times over the years, discussing such issues. Chris Dorsey can also be found on FaceBook and YoutTube. The Report also LIVE streams on FaceBook with our Militia Intelligence Report - radio news programs. Send Chris Dorsey a friend request on FaceBook to view our LIVE FaceBook videos and follow us on Twitter. For more information, visit our website www.chris-dorsey.com

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The usury based functioning of Government/Society is an abomination against God. It can not be reformed and must be destroyed.

The Synagogue of Satan Corporate Government organized crime syndicate has stockpiles of conventional and unconventional weapons that can kill all life on planet earth. These criminals have a written plan-Agenda 21 & a monument to... more

The eradication of the Synagogue of Satan which is also known as the Khazarian Mob that through every form of deception has usurped the valuable assets of the People of God who God has given the divine right to rule. We shall discuss the... more

The initial action taken by any of the people of God is to repudiate all current corporate governments and the rejection of the Godless society they create. Repudiate (verb)- refuse to accept or be associated with. deny the truth or... more

In biology, culling is the process of segregating organisms from a group according to desired or undesired characteristics. In animal breeding, it is the process of removing or segregating animals from a breeding stock based on specific trait.... more

We the people of God have been warning our flock about the clandestine and overt acts of war that our enemies are carrying out against life on planet earth. The law of our creator put forward in the King James Bible is the basis of our... more

chris dorsey, david dauterive, and clifford eberhardt display the verified facts that the military intelligence operations of all nations do nothing except wage conventional and asymmetric war against all God's creatures especially targeting... more

The war that the institutions that control the criminal government are escalating war against the American People. This week has been especially eventful. Topics include weather war in Denver 85 degrees and sunny 8 hours later heavy snow.... more

The Civil war in America is ramping up and the economic warfare is the most powerful weapon being used now. All Corporate and Government stakeholders are guilty of treason for engaging in war against the people therefore voters... more

If one is not with us-we the people of God one is stupid,pathetic, and Satanic because anyone in anyway proping up this usury based ungodly system is criminal under God's law/natural law. All not following behind us in the lawful... more