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    Lost in a crowd

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    Being lost in a crowd sounds simple enough.  Couple that feeling with anger, hate, powerlessness...and it can become overwhelming very quickly.
    How do I deal with this? What have I tried to do to deal with this?
    Am I winning my battle?

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    Songs of War and Peace

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    Host Celeste Friedman features music artists Arlo Guthrie, Trace Adkins, Dire Straits and more in honor of Veteran's Day 2014 on The Freedom Warriors Network.
    30 minute program:
    "Arlington" - Trace Adkins, (written by Jeremy Spillman and Dave Turnbull)
    "When A Soldier Makes It Home"- Arlo Guthrie- live version, (written by Arlo Guthrie)
    "Letters from Home"- John Michael Montgomery, (written by Tony Lane and David Lee)
    "True Heroes"- Eric Gnezda, (written by Eric Gnezda)
    "There's A Knock on the Door"- Celeste Reichert Friedman, (written by Celeste Reichert Friedman)
    "Brothers In Arms"- Dire Straits, (written by Mark Knopfler)

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    “Going against the Grain for Veteran and Military Family Health and Wellness”

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    Join Family of a Vet Blog Talk Radio show host Debbie Sprague, and her guest Pamela Stokes Eggleston. Pamela has a wide and impressive background in a variety of area’s including public policy, criminology, research, and management fields.  She is an accomplished consultant, advisor, writer, and advocate with a wide expertise, and a special passion for veterans caregiver and family matters.  Since 2004, Pamela has been a caregiver for her husband, a three-time Purple Heart recipient who was combat wounded during Operation Iraqi Freedom.
         We will be discussing alternative programs for vets and military families, Pamela’s work with BSF as a cofounder and Caregiver SME, and her organization Yoga2Sleep. We will also be  looking at PTSD and TBI holistically, and how using yoga can ease PTSD and TBI..  
    Tune in on Tuesday, August 5,  2014 from 6:30 - 7:30pm CST
    Listeners are invited to call-in with questions and comments to: 323-657-1470

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    Blueshirts point of view PT III...How do we modernize business practices...

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    My third and final segment of "A Blueshirts point of View...Pt III.  How do we modernize business practices in a Navy that is so rich in tradition."  Join me as I bring back Mica and Heather on this topic.  The lines will be open for calling in!!

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    OCSVA's membership fundraising drive meetings

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    Mon, Wed & Fri from 8:00pm until 10:00pm CST weekly OCSVA shall schedule online live informal open meetings at blogtalkradio/stanleyg5 to discuss a fundraising drive to build our membership base by signing up our listeners to join our national grass root movement. OSCVA's archive transcripts shall serve as official minutes to record our online live informal open meetings. Our general public is welcome to attend each open online live informal meeting to participate in live telephone discussions (914)803-4256 and/or live chat room discussions. Host commentator Stanley Green shall facilitate topics open for discussion. Also, Mr. Green will address any questions or concerns listeners or members may have regarding donations. We believe that OCSVA will become better organize by scheduling online live informal open meetings. Please, notify Mr. Green of any guest speakers you wish to invite to our online live informal open meetings to help grow our membership and fundraising. All membership dues have been waived. We are funded 100% by donations. All donations are non-tax deductible so OCSVA may build a membership base in compliance to IRS's regulations.

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    Veterans Legal Issues

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    Today we will be speaking with Lee Kindlon, a lawyer, former Marine JAG Officer and current Reservist. We will be discussing legal issues facing veteran, both criminal and civil.

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    Episode #8 Part Two Second Tour Vietnam 1968-69

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    "Joureny Into A Soldier's Life"
    In this episode CSM John Hess is back in Vietnam for his second tour. He was assigned to the A404 Mike Force Airboats. This is the second part episode.
    You can call in with questions for CSM 914-338-0944 or send an email to csmhessblogtalkradio@gmail.com. If you send in an email we'll address your question in our next episode.
    Those of you following our Blog Talk Radio Show, The first two Episodes are here:http://www.blogtalkradio.com/csmhess Called - Episode 1 - Joining the Army or Navy in 1959 & Episode 2 - Murphy's law We've changed to another link for Episode 3 - CSM Hess as a Recovery Specialist in 1962 and anything going forward to this link: http://www.blogtalkradio.com/csmhessspecialforces
    Follow CSM on Twitter or Facebook:

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    USAA’s We Know What It Means to Serve Channel: Joe Byron

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    Joe Byron knows what it means to serve—and for his dad’s generation to do so too. Five years ago, the Vietnam veteran and retired law-enforcement officer in Manchester, N.H., founded Honor Flight New England, a non-profit organization that transports World War II vets to the World War II Memorial in Washington, D.C., at no cost. HFNE made its first trip in June 2009—an experience that brought tears of joy to Joe’s eyes. “We had 19 World War II veterans; 15 POWs and one vet who lost his sight while serving,” he tells American Heroes Radio host Lt. Raymond E. Foster. “It was incredible to see the excitement in their faces about being able to travel down to our nation’s capital. A lot of them had never been there. And those who had, haven’t been back since 2004, when the memorial was inveiled. But all of them were thrilled that younger folks remember their service.” 

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    Episode 2 - Murphy's law

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    In 1962, John elected to go back to Korea and go back to the 9th Ordnance, but that's not what happened. He thought he was going back to work with the Hawk Missiles, but instead was asigned to a Recovery Unit. We will be moving our episodes to http://www.blogtalkradio.com/csmhessspecialforces starting with Episode 3 etc. Feel free to call in with any questions or you can send us an email at csmhessblogtalkradio@gmail.com

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    The First Show.

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    You are listening to On The Road To Fame the brand new station we do bodcasts and put on all music for all of you. I am CJ and my partner AA is my bro we are good friends i got my cast here to and also call in to request songs and topics for the brodcasts hope you enjoy our music and brodcast.  

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    Mental Heath with Judy Davis, the Direction Diva

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    We're talking with Judy Davis from The Direction Diva to discuss stress relief, empowerment and personal growth in our military world. Judy is a motivational speaker, author and blogger who specializes in advocating for and supporting the military community.  One of her philosophies is focusing on "one moment at a time" to empower others with coping strategies to help ease the challenges in our lifestyle. Connect with her blog for T.I.P.s (tools, information and perspective) that will help you make the most of your life.
    We're sorry to report that we will be giving up Semper Fiesty Radio for the mostpart. It's a lot of work booking guests and getting the show on the air; Kristine is uber busy with USMC Life and Jackie will be moving to Korea this summer, so we are calling it a day with the show. However, we may occasionally do a show in the future, but nothing on a regular basis. Thank you for supporting our radio show and podcast; we've loved every minute of it.