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    TM Veterans Radio Lube N Go Entrepreneurs

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    Veterans Discussing what to look for when transitioning along with what obstacles are in the way. Also, will discuss current affairs that affect military personnel whether transitioning or veterans that have already exited. Will have guest speakers from multiple industries discussing challenges they faced when exiting to what they would have done different. Please take this time to visit our website at www.tmveterans.com . We are a leader in assisting veterans find great careers weather transitioning or veterans looking for a new career that have already exited the military. We have great opportunities all over the United States consisting of professional drivers, operations, mechanics, logistics and so many other professions.

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    LASHONE GARTH, OF BLANKET OF FREEDOM A former Army MP officer (TIP OF THE SPEAR!),He retired after numerous contributions to the MP Corps,along with combat duties in the sandbox. Nowadays, she conducts community outreach events and promotions that support her communities. LaShone is the founder of the Blanket of Freedom 501c(3) organization that supports combat veterans with mental illness. She wants to provide a program where veterans can explore non-traditional treatment options through the use of drama and expressive therapy. LYNN HUBBARD,AUTHOR OF PTSD:NO APOLOGIES A well-published author (8 books so far!) and a selfless volunteer for serving veterans, Lynn just released her newest book, PTSD: No Apologies.The book contains personal stories written by vets,It is a thought provoking piece demonstrating how everyone handles PTSD differently. Proceeds go towards buying books for the Veteran’s in the VA Hospitals Nationwide. She volunteers many hours standing for our fallen veterans with the Patriot Guard Riders. She also works on multiple projects with the American Legion. STAN BOWMAN,ACTOR,DIRECTOR A disabled veteran of the Army National Guard Stan Bowman took his military background and leadership to the next level when he got into the Telecom industry. He ended up doing corporate work for many years, but he began to chase his dream of acting and directing films. Fast forward to modern day, he doubles as Stan the Zombie,a very well-known character in several films, conventions and zombie gatherings! He even has his own comic book! Veterans’issues are very close to Stan, having lost several friends to PTSD related suicide and several others suffering long term and permanent disabilities related to injuries from their serviceKIP WILMONT, ARTIST AND FILM MAKER After marrying the love of his life Also former Sailor!He has since become a respected artist, He is the writer and director of the upcoming Veteran-themed film, Indomitable

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    Tactical Girls, Beauty, Brains and Deadly!

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    SHOW FOR MAY 24, 2014 BEEN RESCHELDULED FOR JUNE 21, 2014 at 110:00 am (CST).
    Tactical Girls Lindsay, Vanessa and Michelle will be my guest. We will be talking about who they are and what its like to be a Tactical Girl.
    https://www.facebook.com/TacticalGirlMichelle  https://www.facebook.com/TacticalGirlVanessaSwainston https://www.facebook.com/TacticalGirlLindsay
    Tactical Lindsay http://www.modelmayhem.com/2018096
    The link to Tactical Girls http://www.tacgirls.com/
    "Show Date Subject To Change"

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    Listen to 11-Year Navy Vet Carl Salazar, Founder of Expedition Balance

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    Listen 24/7 anytime it is convenient for you to listen to audio anytime after our Oct 8, 2015 broadcast  to
    11 Year Navy Veteran Carl Salazar, Founder and Chairman of Expedition Balance.
    Using Holistic means to return balance to the lives of US Combat Vets suffering from PTSD. Yoga, Fitness, Nutrition, Meditation, and the Outdoors can heal.  Expedition Balance was created by combat veterans for combat veterans suffering from PTSD. Our staff is made up of veterans as well.
    Please SHARE
    More Info at:

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    Bridging the Gap with Doc and BG, guest host Deep Survival.

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    On tonights show we will talk about currents events as in what happend in Brussels today, politics, and we will also be talking about how muslims are raising children to be suicide bombers,  thoughts on mandatory service here in America. We will also be giving away a free bug out military decal to the caller Who has the funniest basic training/Boot Camp story. Tune in by clicking the link or call at 7 EST 215-383-3864,  share the post and invite your friends. We look forward to hearing from you. Make sure to go like the podcast page to find future shows. https://www.facebook.com/Bug-out-Military-Bridging-the-Gap-Podcast-1647157752208036/?ref=ts&fref=ts

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    Veterans Court with Chief Superior Court Judge Art Smith

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    Judge Art Smith has 33 years of experience in dealing with a wide array of legal matters.
    10 years in private practice handling a wide range of cases including family law, real estate,microsoftproductkeys business law, estate planning and administration and some criminal defense work.
    23 years AFLAC, responsible for litigation and arbitration nationwide on a variety of issues including all aspects canada goose pas cher  of contract law, employment law and other legal questions.
    USNR JAG Officer for eight years

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    Discussing relevant information pertaining to military life, Veteran life & our Loved Ones!

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    Frank Bolton's Memories of the 1977-1980 Enewetak Atoll Atomic Cleanup Mission

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    Today's episode of the Atomic Cleanup Veterans Radio Show focuses on Frank Bolton's 2007 recollection of his involvement in the 1977 - 1980 Enewetak Atoll Atomic Cleanup Mission.
    In 2007, Frank Bolton was browsing the internet for anything he could find about Enewetak Atoll's Atomic Cleanup Mission. He found a website dedicated to U.S. Atomic Veterans, and the website administrator was happy to add Bolton's first hand story to the collection of other Atomic Veterans who contributed their stories.
    Sometime before or after 2007 ended, the website was shut down, and all those historical recollections were lost.
    Fortunately, Bolton kept a printed copy of his recollections and has agreed to share it here on Blog Talk Radio's Atomic Cleanup Veterans Radio Show.
    This episode is the first of a three part series of Bolton's story.

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    Gratitude for the Spring of Love, Truth, Peace, and Freedom

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    http://www.blogtalkradio.com/moorishcongress Guest Call In Number: 213-943-3393  (ThursDey and MonDey 5pm PacificStandard Time) or (8pm Eastern Standard Time)  ((((((Moorish Congress )))))) serving up liability to these uncivilized corporate box mercenaries and public servant. Dealing withtheir "no". Staying prepared with solutions for the colonization. Divorcing your self from the human trafficking"!!! Or just come kick it with us for a minute and remember the ancient principles, and share your works!! Consaguine, National/family constellations, consul spiral rising!  NAACP v. Button (371 U.S. 415); United Mineworkers of America v. Gibbs (383 U.S. 715); and Johnson v. Avery 89 S. Ct. 747 (1969). Members of groups who are competent non-lawyers can assist other members of the group achieve the goals of the group in court without being charged with "Unauthorized practice of law." Brotherhood of Trainmen v. Virginia ex rel. Virginia State Bar (377 U.S. 1); Gideon v. Wainwright 372 U.S. 335; Argersinger v. Hamlin, Sheriff 407 U.S. 425. Litigants may be assisted by unlicensed layman during judicial proceedings. Email: MoorishCongress@gmail.com All Rights Reserved UCC 1-308

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    Veterans Appeals Process

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    Heather Weber, The Veteran Crusader. Disabled veteran from Desert Storm. As a veteran where it took her 17 years to get her service connected disability, she wants to help all veterans and incumbent veterans receive their benefits in a more timely manner. In this podcast she will go over the current VA appeals process. She will also discuss other issues that may come up. Please call in at (760) 888-5820 to ask ANY questions or to give your advice and/or opinion.

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    The Schooner Pursuit Pirates of the Revoltion

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    We talk with the Capt of The Schooner Pursuit on this great projrect of rebuilding this Ship saving her from a fate no Ship should face.
    We talk with the Capt on The Ship plans to refloat her and once that is done what can we expect!