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Middle-ground Ministries

Middle-ground Ministries


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This is my attempt to step out of the box, so to speak; to reach out to any who want to listen (without forcing myself upon anyone). I will talk about my beliefs, my pointts of view, and will WELCOME OTHERS; I will share my hopes and dreams for the future and would love to hear yours. Occasionally, I will discuss my personal soap opera, and may have discussions with guest hosts, about the importance of spirituality in our everyday lives, etc.; and techniques for improving your spiritual connection may be offered.

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I would like to create a show that discusses a little bit of everything... animals, life and love, encompassed by spirituality, of course - but with an adversion to religion, in general. Life includes current news reports, politics, aome personal... more

After finishing an assignment for school, I decided to share a resource I found that gives me hope for the future of 'the church'... www.allaboutreligion.org/religious-pluralism.htm (Christianity and religion, in... more

Last Friday, October 14th, 2016... I was sitting up in my bed, with my computer on my lap; clicking on the tab for Facebook, my eyes were drawn immediately to this post: A picture of Obama, shaking his finger, mouth open, with a picture of... more

An Introduction to my life, via highlights from the latest in my own personal soap opera. My family is, and pretty much always has been, dysfunctional - to say the least... I come from a broken home; my children come from several broken... more

A narrative of the following, with personal thoughts: A short clip came on news preview, talking about the drug epidemic in our society today, and it showed a little girl (probably not even two years old), in the grocery store, holding her... more