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Melissa and Grant Virtue



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Melissa Virtue and Grant Virtue host a weekly discussion on all things spiritual, organic and holistic. Melissa then hosts "Alchemy with Melissa" to share the sacred world of Dreamtime.

On-Demand Episodes

The Archangel who oversees the natural world, a protectoress of nature and animals, this power being acts as a lianson between humanity and the elementals, fairies, crystals, and elves. Her name is Archangels Ariel. She helps with... more

We all have a soul mate! The Angels of Love help you find, keep and heal your relationships. They want you to be happy and live fully! Find out who they are and what they do. Melissa and Grant will share some steps to help you: attract the... more

Do you have constant chatter about your body image? Do you feel uninspired to move, excercise or be kind to your body--or perhaps you feel you just don't have time? Your body is an instrument of Divine love and light. It is sacred. Your... more

Moon cycles are as important for us as they are for the Earth. They not only influence the tides, but our emotional states of being and our dreamtime! The New Moon is the time of conception and expansion. It's time to take a step... more

How do you connect with the Divine? Do you realize you are connecting everyday? Your hosts, Melissa and Grant Virtue will share techniques and tools on honing your Divine connection and recognize your sacred... more

Come discover what the Oak King, King Arthur, and a diamond have in common. This month celebrates the Royal Oak. Your hosts, Grant and Meliss Virtue, will share the lessons of the sacred Oak. They will discuss healing, magic, and... more

Do you enjoy meditating or look at it as a waste of time? Do you know how to meditate and that there are several differenent ways in which to appraoch it? Join your hosts, Grant and Melissa Virtue, as they discuss the importance of... more

The Fae tree of magic and doorways to the Otherworld. The May Tree. Join your hosts, Grant and Melissa Virtue, as they discuss this month's Celtic Tree Wisdom-the sacred Hawthorn. This small, yet powerful tree hold potent lessons... more

Learn the abundance, relationship, health areas in your home to connect into these energies. Join your hosts, Grant and Melissa Virtue, as they discuss arranging your home for optimal reciprocity in these areas of your life. Learn how... more

Famous for it's distruction and myth, Atlantis arises in the minds of it's survivors, and bloodline. Your host, Melissa Virtue, will discuss the Angels of Atlantis; Atlantology; and becoming an Atlantologist. She will discuss some important... more