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Melissa and Grant Virtue



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Melissa Virtue and Grant Virtue host a weekly discussion on all things spiritual, organic and holistic. Melissa then hosts "Alchemy with Melissa" to share the sacred world of Dreamtime.

On-Demand Episodes

Most cultures around the world, and some belief systems, believe in reincarnation. There is much documentation on children remembering past life memories. There are clues that can help you understand if you have had a past life and if... more

Do you dream about your ex partners? Are you seeking a soulmate or in need of healing your relationship? Expert Dream interpreter and your host, Melissa Virtue, will be sharing what it means when you dream of your exes or current... more

In this episode, your host, Melissa Virtue, will be discussing who the angels of dream time are and how they offer guidance. Call in to have Melissa offer you angelic guidance and a mini drema interpretation. Melissa is an expert drema... more

We can travel many places during dream time, including otherworlds. Similarly, we can be visited by otherworldly beings during dream time--in fact, you already have been contacted! Who are these beings that contact you and where are... more

The Spring Equinox opens a gateway of information, alignment, and opportunity for you. This is a time of profound dreaming and receiving. Join your host, Melissa Virtue as she shares the opportunities opening to you. Melissa will offer the... more

Do you only dream at night? Join your host, Melissa Virtue as she discusses Awake Dreaming and the epihanies one can have during these "tuned in" moments. Melissa will discuss why society and acadamia frowns upon awake... more

Do you remember your dreams? Dreams are scared messages from the Divine to help you upon your life's path. Join host, Melissa Virtue as she helps you understand why you may not recall your dreams. Melissa will offer tips on how... more

Are you a parent? Do you ever feel like shouting, "why didn't someone tell me that?" Sure, books have suggestions and blog posts, but honestly, who has time to read those when dancing through your work, home life, and being... more

Do you dream in black and white or in full vivid color? Join your host, Melissa Virtue as she discusses dreaming in black and white verses color. Discover the reason someone would dream in black and white. Melissa will offer tools and... more

There are many belief systems out there and many defenders of those systems. But, there is only one true language of The Divine--Love. Join your hosts Melissa & Grant Virtue for this interesting discussion. Melissa and Grant will offer... more