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Metaphysical Hors Doeuvres

Metaphysical Hors D'oeuvres


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This show by John Warren and Ellen Hartwell (ellenhartwell.com) will briefly delve into the power within us to know Spirit, to use Spirit to manifest!

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Many of us are awake and aware people who pray or treat to be more conscious. We want to be closer and closer to some understanding of how Spirit works with and through us to be closer to the God of our understanding and to manifest the reality we desire. What are our spiritual responsibilities? Oh, boy, here comes a list, right? No list. No responsibilities that you do not discern within yourself. Perhaps, for you, being spiritually responsible is to treat others as you would have yourself be treated. Perhaps spiritual responsibility, for you, is to never buy a pet from a breeder but to always rescue them from a shelter. Maybe, to you, spiritual responsibility is to be certain that you recycle. What is important here is to find your own sense of spiritual responsibility, adhere to it to your very best ability and to be open to knowing more ways in which you can feel good about, if you will, your spiritual citizenship and how best you can honor that. Join Ellen Hartwell and John Warren as this topic is discussed today!
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