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I am a certified life coach, writer/editor. For over 20 years I worked in corporate and spent several years teaching in the public school system. I sang professionally with several R&B bands. I'm a preacher's kid but by no stretch of imagination am I a preacher! I grew up in a home with both my parents. Life looked pretty good from the outside view. But, inside, there was a different view. Behind the mask there was turmoil and years of depression. Things that I experienced sifted my power and took my voice. I never spoke of my experiences, but kept everything locked inside, and became quite skilled at wearing the mask. Inside I was going through my own private hell trying to keep up appearances, meet expectations, and survive. I wanted to give up; I wanted to throw in the towel; I did not want to live on this earth anymore... Until I learned that I was creating my own chaos and there was much more to life than I was ever told. As my awareness opened up, I was amazed by what I could not see before. It was like waking from a deep sleep and as my vision cleared, I felt the light inside of me. Inside that light was power... This show is about helping others to empower themselves to move from the pain of depression to the power of purpose.

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It's a new year and we often put pressure on ourselves to make new year resolutions. But, often they don't work and we end up in the same patterns and cycles. Why is that? Do you know who you are? If you don't know who you are,... more

Many people feel as though feelings of boredom and restlessness should be shaken off or pushed aside. The truth is those feelings are your dreams way of speaking to you. Most times we neglect our dreams and put them on a shelf for... more

Often people do not want to deal with their own lives so they immerse themselves in pleasing everyone else. Eventually that will come back to haunt you. It's good to do for other people; however, self-care is the most important thing you... more

Life can be easier if we look at it from the perspective of learning important lessons. Of course, we will always have challenges as long as we exist on earth in human form, but when you learn the lessons, your understanding and... more

What is the secret to bringing forth your dream? Why do some people seem to get everything and others stay stuck? Why do the majority of people live with a poverty mindset? It's actually not a secret; but, people think it is. The key and... more

Life happens - one minute you can be riding on cloud nine...the next you can be in the pit of hell. It only takes an instant for your life to change. So what do you do when you're dealt a hand you're not ready for? What do you do when your... more

Are you a woman of color age 50+? This is a call to action for you! if you are tired of living a mediocre, routine life and just surviving, come join me on the journey of living your being... Meetlife@precstar.com

Abundance is our birthright, so why are so many people living in lack and poverty? It's because we have a lack and poverty mindset. That's where it begins. Although we have access to abundance, WE must activate it. On this show I will... more

We often look at change as challenging because we only look at it from the human side. Habits are a part of being human. They are a function of the brain. But there is another part of you...a world of uncharted territory that you... more

Habits drive everything we do in life. They are powerful, and research has shown that habits cannot be broken - only replaced. They are forever embedded in our subconscious mind making it easy for us to go back to a former habit if we are... more