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Is FEMA responding to recent events in a timely fashion? Does FEMA need more resources? FEMA is dealing with Puerto Rico, Florida, and Texas and is coming under fire for not responding quickly enough. Are these views justified? Join... more

A solid education in America is essential for us as a nation .Have American schools fallen behind other nations? How can we improve the quality of the learning experience? Join us as we look at the state of our schools and how we... more

Does Kellyanne Conway need an even larger role in the Trump cabinet? Kellyanne Conway has proven she can mix it up with the best the media has to offer. Can she overcome the constant onslaught on her character? Join us as... more

What kind of obstacles are in the path of President Trump and his agenda? Can the President overcome the onslaught of the Deep State? Join us as we discuss what President Trump has accomplished and not accomplished.

Can President Trump maintain his rapport with the American people? Has the President demonstrated that he has what it takes to be a true leader? The media and their corrupt allies are doing everything posssible to derail the... more

Can President Trump save the nation from the left? President Trump's comments in NYC about the violence in Virginia were those of a true leader. Will the fake media stay in their death spiral of anti-Trump tirades? Join us as we try to stop... more

President Trump has found out that getting elected was the easy part of serving his country. Why can't President Trump get any of his agenda passed? Will The President ever be able to overcome the power of the Deep State? Join us as... more

Have you had it with all the extra fees that come with travel? The flying experience has turned into a nightmare as anyone who has watched airline staff behavior recently. Do passengers have any rights? Join us as we take a closer... more

Could you recognize a fake poll? Have you ever been influenced by a fake poll? The media is full of biased polls that are affecting the political discourse of this nation everyday. Fake polls tried to shape the outcome of our recent elections.... more

Can the Trump administration survive the onslaught of the Deep State? The Democrats and the left wing establishment are throwing all they have at President Trump. Are they winning or losing? Join us as we take a closer look at the... more