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Philadelphia Mayor Kenney is proposing a soda tax in order to help the city budget. Does it have any chance of passing? Many voters believe this a big step toward having a nanny state mentality. What's you're spin on this hot topic? Join... more

The Irish-American voter is a huge voting block that can lead a candidate to victory. Hillary Clinton has some serious obstacles to overcome in her path to the White House. The Irish-American vote could tilt her way if she pursues it. Join... more

Donald Trump has completely exposed media bias in a big way. Whether Trump wins the GOP nomination is open for debate. Join us as look at how the corporate media has tried to steer the campaign against Donald Trump.

How is Donald Trump's celebrity status and social media savy dictating the course of the election process? Will this status propel him to the nomination or eventually derail his hopes of being selected? Join us as we take a fresh look on what has... more

Did Ted Cruz misjudge the true strength of Trump's campaign? Ted Cruz has to get his campaign in gear in order to slow down the Trump advance. Join us as we hash out what Cruz has done right and wrong with the 2016 campaign.

Occupy Wall Street and Bernie Sanders presidential run have alot in common. Bernie Sanders has captured the imagination of the American people with his spirited anti-Wall Street debate. Will the endorsement, and the assistance of... more

Some voters are getting tired of all the bickering during the debates from both parties. Could someone decide it's a great time to enter the fray of American politics? Join us as we look at why the voter is deciding to make a statement... more

Join us as we look at why the media is having a problem with bringing Donald Trump's gameplan of winning to a halt.. Is it possible the voter is fed up with business as usual? Will the media and others admit that they have failed to stop... more

Audio issues, will address next episode. Join us as we lay it on the line. The more I watch the debates, the more I think we're in trouble as a nation. Will Donald Trump face any real challenger? What about Bernie Sanders? Will the nation... more

The Amanda Knox story is not over by a long shot. Knox should know in the coming weeks whether she coud be extradited back to Italy. Are there larger issues involved in this criminal case? Will politics play a role in the process? Is... more