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The election this November will be the most important in recent American history. Donald Trump wants to restore law and order and respect for the Police. Hillary Clinton has a different vision of law and order. What does the average... more

The Trump/Clinton debates will finally give the voter a chance to see who will lead the nation. Will Donald Trump use the same strategy he used against Jeb Bush at the Republican debates early this year? Will Hillary press Trump for... more

The United Kingdom has entered uncharted waters with its vote for Brexit. Is it all hoopla or just alot of hot air? Markets will eventually calm down. Will the U.K vote affect what happens in U.S. election in November? Join us as we look at the... more

Will Bernie Sanders rain on Hillary Clinton's parade at the Philly convention? Bernie Sanders must know something we all don't. Can he persuade delegates to step out of the box and join the revolution? Bernie Sanders has... more

The much anticipated race between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton is now at hand. Who will lead the nation? Trump promises more jobs and a strong national defense. Hillary will bring a strong but questioned resume. Join us as we look at... more

Does Donald Trump need campaign TV spots to finally knock out the competion? Trump has been a media master at getting free advertising across the media specrtrum. Join us as we take a closer look at what Trump is really up too in... more

Does the American voter deserve better than who is currently on the ballot? How about discussing the issues that really affect the average American. Issues like endless wars and the never-ending drone campaign and the stagnant economy... more

Americans are faced with a huge decision this November. Will the voters get a qualified President or something else? The country is at a crossroads with respect to the economy and the never ending wars around the globe. Join us as... more

What do you know about high-speed train travel? The Chinese are making a big pitch to bring their high-speed rail knowledge to the United States. The Chinese hope to tap into the lucrative high-speed market which is slowly but... more

The United States and Ireland have had a close political relationship for many years. When JFK visited Ireland in 1963 he was warmly received. Is that strong US/Irish bond still strong today? Join us for this Saint Patrick Day special, as we... more