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Matt OGrady Coaching

Matt O'Grady Coaching Podcast


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This two-time author of the Law of Attraction Workbook and the motivational book Living Gratitude, Matt O’Grady welcomes you to join him on his podcast show where he teaches his clients how to live happier, more successful and gratitude filled lives. He is a former co-host on the Matt and Phil LOA Show which aired for four years. Matt is also a co-founder of a non-profit organization, Soul Brothers, that supports adults and children in need. A Psychology graduate from Hofstra University, Matt O’Grady has always been intrigued by things unseen by our human eyes, rather felt or experienced on a deeper level. In his quest to discover this deeper meaning to life, to himself and his existence in this world, he began studying and practicing the law of attraction, learning about emotional awareness and delving deeper into the idea of consciousness and spirituality. He currently lives with his wife and 8 year old son in Huntington, New York.

On-Demand Episodes

The Relaxation Response is the title of a book written by Dr. Herbert Benson in the '60s, all he wrote about is still true today and has been true for thousands of years with thousands of teachers telling us "Calm Your Mind" and you will be... more

It's SO IMPORTANT to Let it All Go. I did this practice for just a few moments tonight and I had to run and record this meditation I was so inspired by how I felt after Letting It All Go. Stress, worry, anxiety, doubt, fear, pain, etc will make you... more

This is a very special podcast for me, I know words like discipline and commitment are often trigger words for many people. Here I go into my "secret"(lol not so secret now!) recipe for freeing up the energy to embrace self... more

Hello and THANK YOU for visiting. I wanted to create a quick "Crash Course" on Gratitude that anyone could benefit from even the most seasoned grateful devotee. I review many of the amazing benefits of a Gratitude Practice and then... more

What is Your Focus? Really. What are you thinking right now? What did you think all day? What did you feel all day? Your Focus = Your Life. Understanding what we focus on all day and then learning how to shift that focus to better our... more

Hola Amigos, I find it fascinating that the one of the simplest, easiest yet, most powerful self-development practices of being grateful and appreciative is often cast aside because of the myths that: it takes too long, is too difficult, isn't... more

Hey There, this is a unique podcast for me, I got a great question from a coaching client this week: "Whats the difference between Awareness and Mindfulness?" We go into the definitions, the details and the actual practice of implementing... more

I was talking with a few of my coaching clients this week about how quick and easy it is to feel good when we practice thankfulness and appreciation on a regular basis. we often take our Senses for granted but not today! :) Listen in for... more

In our society today, we are often living life far away from our Inner Being, yet this is where we get all our power, energy and inspiration to fuel our lives. This meditation is a way to reconnect with that part of ourselves and relax, revive,... more

Most of us think we are self aware, right? Don't you think so? I know I did! I know you probably don't want to hear this but the truth is, very few of us actually are. In fact it takes years of dedicated practice for us to become truly "Self Aware".... more
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