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ALL TS RADIO BROADCASTS ARE COPYRIGHT PROTECTED © Our families are being torn apart by criminal rings operating in family and probate courts. Our food is unfit to eat. Our air is unfit to breathe, and our water contaminated from the pollution created by GMO's, herbicides, pesticides and fluoride. While we are made sick, those in government and the courts pave the way for the predators. We are under attack, but it isn't from unknown terrorists from the other side of the world. We know these people.....we elected them.

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Betrayed by Hospice with host Marsha Joiner – January 22, 2020 #25 Join us Wednesday January 22, 2020 with Guest April Donovan who will tell us about her Mom, Twila Apger, 84 years old and how her death was hastened by hospice in Michigan on January 1, 2020. She had been diagnosed with mild dementia but had a urinary tract infection at the time of hospice takeover. April joined Murdered by Hospice facebook group and shared her story with its member's during the time her Mom's death was being hastened. In spite of her attempts to save her Mom, she lost the battle the first day of this year. Unsuspecting people's life are being shortened by hospice with opioids and antipsychotic drugs resulting in starvation and dehydration leaving behind families who are in shock having witnessed their death and powerless to save them. Tonight's story is one more of those tragic recounts of senseless writing someone's last chapter against their wishes! It is our intent to inform people about the potential dangers, terminology and red flags of the current hospice. Stealth Euthanasia is happening across the country as elderly and disabled are being targeted for early death and deemed unworthy of life. You have the right to question doctors decisions, refuse drugs, be a part of ?the plan? and/or refuse hospice altogether. Never accept what you are being told without verifying. Dial 917-388-4520 or listen live on the internet. 5 p.m. Pacific, 6 p.m. Mountain, 7 p.m. Central, 8 p.m. Eastern Time Zones If you have a story to share about a loved one taken before their time, contact me at marshajoiner2018@gmail.com . You will need verifiable data.
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