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Looking for real answers to your real-life marriage problems? This podcast addresses the real issues that marriages face every day. Whether your spouse is in love with someone else, sexual issues are destroying your marriage, or you are wanting to know how to make your marriage stronger - this podcast is for you. https://www.MarriageHelper.com

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You've heard about the Save My Marriage Course that Marriage Helper offers...but is it right for you? How does it really work? Listen to this for some great insight. We talk about how the course came to be, what kind of marital... more

Rather than starting with a theme or subject as he usually does, in this program Dr. Joe Beam opens the mic for callers on any subject or area of relationships. Love, sex, dating, rescuing lost love, salvaging a troubled marriage,... more

Dr. Beam explained it when a guest on the Montel Williams Show. Falling in love is a process. If you follow the process, you fall in love whether you intend to or not. If you vacate or violate the process, you fall out of love whether you... more

What does it mean - and what do you do - if your spouse has had more than one affair? Does that indicate there is no hope? That you should end it and get away as fast as you can? Or is it possible to save your marriage...and save... more

Sometimes, marriage hurts. Sometimes that pain lasts longer than seems bearable. What can you do when marriage hurts? How can you overcome the pain? We'll teach you in this episode. Joined by Tina Coleman, a... more

If you have an extramarital affair, you can ruin your child's chances for having happy love when s/he is grown. No matter what age the child is when you have the affair...even if your "child" is now old enough to be in college. Having... more

Good marriage counselors are worth their weight in gold. The others...let's just say they aren't. (If you've had a bad experience with a marriage counselor, you likely already inserted your own negative sentence.) We hear from thousands of... more

Not every relationship or marriage has a major meltdown... But when it happens, how do you put things back together? How do you get past the hurt? The broken trust? The fear that something else is coming...especially when one partner... more

Have you ever prayed about love? Perhaps something that you wanted to happen. Maybe something you didn't want to happen. It might have been about a specific person, either someone you already have a relationship or marriage... more

What does it feel like? How does a person get into this situation? Why does she love a man other than her husband? In this program, a brave woman who is with her husband but still "deeply in love" with another man tells her story. She is... more